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Give To Arizona
Non-Profits April 5

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The Annual 24-Hour Marathon Is Designed To Expand Donations To Groups In Need From Throughout The State And Is Expected To Raise More Than $2 Million


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

March 31, 2016It is sort of a generally accepted social standard that donating to charity is a good thing. However, unless there is an enthusiastic person waving a bell outside of a Walmart at Christmastime, it can be hard to figure out the best way to do it or to even remember to do it with all of the many various distractions we are burdened with these days. That is where Arizona Gives Day comes in.

Arizona Gives Day will take place on April 5 and it will be a one day, 24-hour marathon of giving to nonprofits around the state. Last year, the event raised more than $2 million for 537 nonprofits and over 900 organizations are signed up this year.

“Arizonans can choose from more than 900 nonprofits throughout the state and find a cause, or causes, that matter the most to them. We believe every Arizonan should participate because each donation, no matter what size, is creating a healthier community by allowing nonprofits to provide the critical programs and services our communities need. Arizonans are truly investing in Arizona when they give,” said Director of Community Engagement for the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Jennifer Purcell.

To date, the organization has raised more than $4.5 million for nonprofits in Arizona, but other states with similar programs such as Colorado and Minnesota have managed to raised much larger amounts during their events. Not that it is a competition, but the people behind Arizona Gives Day are looking to step it up this year and make it to the multi-million dollar level.

“To reach a wider variety of people, Arizona Gives Day has diversified its marketing efforts to include more social media this year.  While traditional media are still necessary to reach some populations, we felt we needed to expand our outreach allowing us to touch a new, and most likely younger, segment of the population that may not follow traditional media,” Purcell said.

As for why Arizona’s program has yet to reach that multi-million dollar level, there are lots of potential factors, but Purcell is optimistic that the future is bright and that this year will be an indicator of just how bright that future is for Arizona Gives Day.

“Each Gives Day program is run by different types of organizations that have different amounts of funding to operate it and the longevity of the programs vary, so it's difficult to compare each state to the other.  Like any program, it takes time for both the nonprofit sector and the public to become engaged and Arizona is no different,” Purcell said.

Arizona Gives Day was co-founded by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum. One of the main challenges any nonprofit will face is getting funding to accomplish their goals and Arizona Gives Day allows participating nonprofits the opportunity to reach new donors and hopefully build relationships with local businesses and individuals that will work in the long term.

“Last year we saw an incredible outpouring of support from Arizonans,” said Laurie Liles, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Arizona Grantmakers Forum. “It was uplifting to see so many come together and invest in Arizona’s nonprofit community.”

This year’s event has a bit of an added twist, which is a very potentially motivating one for any nonprofits that plan to be involved this year.

“This year we have $175,000 in prize pool money for nonprofits to win. Nonprofits can compete for additional prize money based on ‘most dollars’ raised in various categories and structure their fundraising efforts around ‘power hours’ to receive the most donations above a set dollar amount within a 60-minute period,” Purcell said.

For more information or to donate, visit
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