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Modern Times Magazine's
Arizona Prime Cuts 2015

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The Most Read Arizona Stories Of The Year Include The End Of A Political Era, Marijuana, Roosevelt Row, The Super Bowl, Video Games, Whiteness, Bernie Sanders And More


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Dec. 31, 2015 — Sure, those of us who live in Arizona have to deal with the jibes and good-natured ribbing that comes with living here in the Grand Canyon state.

We’ve heard it all.

“Everyone carries a gun there, right?” is a common question.

Or, how about, “but it's a dry heat, huh sweetie?”

Sure, we have heard it all.

But the reality of living in this state is simple. Sure, it's hot, and sure, there are wackos. But isn’t there heat in the summer anywhere in the 50 states and wackos, well, they seem to grow in bunches these days. Arizona is a lot like any other place, but the weather is great here for 8 months every year and it's a new place with burgeoning traditions and roads wide enough to drive on. There’s also very few potholes (except Tucson, that is).

We also host Super Bowls and nationally tinged political events, impeach legislative leaders, and much more. And, wait, those are precisely the highlights for this year’s installment of Modern Times Magazine’s Arizona Prime Cuts 2015.

Oh, yea, so I guess we also have serendipity here, too.

No. 7 "Bernie Sanders, Netroots Nation Invade Phoenix"
Our readers can stay informed about the local events, rallies and get togethers that affect life in the Valley by reading our regular Consciousness Calendar. We provide all the information you need to find out more about events happening near you. This calendar from July was of particular interest to our readers and included the Netroots Nation presidential candidate forum featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. Martin O’Malley. — Posted July 15, 2015

No. 6 "Roosevelt Row Denizens Fight Inevitable Progress"
Regular contributor Ryan Scott makes the Arizona Prime Cuts 2015 list with this coverage of the gentrification of Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix. The story focuses on the changes coming to the area, including the demolition of several buildings and the planned construction of new condominiums Baron Properties. In the piece, Scott addresses the viewpoints of multiple parties affected by the changing scenery, including local business owners and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. While some view the changes in a positive light, many aren’t so keen on removing historically-relevant structures from the vibrant Roosevelt Row Arts District in order to make room for more upscale housing. — Posted Feb. 20, 2015

No. 5 "Video Game Expo Set To Buzz In Mesa"
The Game On Expo hit Mesa over the summer and Ryan Scott previewed the event and provided need-to-know information for the Valley’s gamers. Highlights from the event included the debut of RETRO Video Game System and RetroFest, a tournament in which Nintendo gamers could compete against each other on classic games like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Kart and Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball. — Posted Aug. 11, 2015

No. 4 "The Problem With, The Problem Of Whiteness"
Early in 2015, Arizona State University became embroiled in a national controversy when journalism student Lauren Clark brought the course “Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness” to the attention of Fox News. The national exposure brought both positive and negative press to the university and assistant professor Lee Bebout. In this piece, former contributor Jeff Moses takes a look at the unintended consequences of the course, namely the white supremacist groups it attracted to the controversy and the ASU campus. — Posted Feb. 16, 2015

No. 3 "The Projection Bombing Of Super Bowl 49"
Local artist collective Onomoly made its presence known during Super Bowl week in Phoenix. While big budget sponsors and high-profile performers dominated Super Bowl Central, Onomoly made sure that those weren’t the only voices heard by football fans. The group used RGB lasers and projectors mounted on buildings around downtown Phoenix to project tweets using the hashtag #LaserTwitter on visible Super Bowl Central hot spots like The Hotel Palomar and The Verizon Super Bowl Central stage. The tweets contained predominantly sardonic and impassioned anti-consumerist sentiments often delivered with a dose of humor. Great inside connections by Jeff Moses. — Posted Feb. 6, 2015

No. 2 "Parraz, Citizens For A Better Arizona, Call It Quits"
After successfully leading the recall of former state senator and professional lightning rod Russell Pearce just 36 months earlier, Citizens For A Better Arizona and its leader Randy Parraz decided to put an end to the 501(c)(4) organization. The group garnered wide support for its efforts to recall Pearce, but saw community interest wain in the months following his ouster. Our very own Publisher and Editor John Guzzon covered the situation and filed this story. He reported that Parraz and other Citizens For A Better Arizona organizers shuttered the organization in order to focus their efforts on voter registration activities, including the creation of the $5-million Arizona Blue Campaign fund, with the intention of registering 200,000 Democrats in Arizona by Oct. 1, 2016. — Posted Feb. 20, 2015

No. 1 "Cannabis Legalization Rally Set To Spark"
Every few weeks, our staff compiles the Modern Times Magazine Consciousness Calendar, a comprehensive listing of the gatherings, rallies, protests and other events that affect the lives of people living in Arizona. If you’re interested in increasing your civic engagement, look no further than this calendar. It contains all the information you need to become more active in the community and publicly voice your opinion on the issues that matter to you. Readers took a particular liking to this Consciousness Calendar from late August and early September, which included the Arizona Marijuana Legalization Signature Drive, #FloodTheSystemArizona, the Third Annual AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast and other important events. — Posted Aug. 29, 2015
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