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Despite National Trends That Reveal A Growing Economy, Arizonans Have Experienced Renewed Challenges In The Job Market As Unemployment Rate Rises


By Joey Hancock
Modern Times Magazine

Sept. 25, 2015 — The Arizona Department of Administration released the latest employment rates last week and reported the unemployment rate increased two-tenths of a percent in August to 6.3 percent with six of the eleven major sectors adding jobs and five major sectors reporting losses.

Arizona gained 38,100 Nonfarm jobs, 6,100 private sector jobs and the government gained 32,000 jobs over the past month with the largest losses occurring in professional business services losing 3,500 jobs and the majority of losses being recorded in administrative and support waste which lost 4,400 jobs over the month.

The 1.5 percent gain in Nonfarm jobs was less than the post-recessionary average gain of 50,300 jobs, however, weaker August employment gains follow significantly weaker losses recorded in July, according to the press release.

The adjusted unemployment rate for the United States in August is down two-tenths of a percent from 5.3 percent to 5.1 percent which is 1.2 percent lower than the adjusted rate for Arizona.

Over the year the private sector has accounted for all of the gains in employment, a 2.7 percent increase, adding 57,300 jobs.

Seven of the eleven major sectors reported job gains and four reported losses over the year with education and health services and professional and business services being the sectors with the largest gains.

Over the year job losses were reported in government, information, natural resources and mining and manufacturing with the government reporting a 1.2 percent loss of 4,700 jobs, according to the release.

Maricopa and Pinal counties reported the lowest unemployment rates of all Arizona counties with a 5.8 percent unemployment rate and Yuma County reported the highest rate at 26.9 percent for the month of August.

The total civilian labor force for Maricopa County averaged 1,998,039 down 369 from July and an adjusted amount of 113,312 are without jobs.

Nonfarm jobs are holding the highest number of employment at 1,830,400 up from 1,805,100 in July with information, professional and business services reporting the only losses in employment in Maricopa County.
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