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Parraz, Citizens For A

Better Arizona, Call It Quits

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Randy Parraz, Citizens for A Better Arizona.
The Non-Profit Group That Spearheaded The Recall of Russell Pearce And Was Led And Founded By Activist Randy Parraz, Has Announced It Will Cease Operations And Focus Exclusively On Helping Get Democrats Elected


By John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 20, 2015 — Four years ago, or so, Randy Parraz and Citizens For A Better Arizona were big news.

The group and its charismatic leader had just recalled — for the first time in the state’s history, mind you — a sitting legislator. He was the Senate’s president, no less, Russell Pearce. National media, too, came calling.

But like so many other elements of the game of politics, people, and causes, come and go.

In the span of 36 months, the energy enthusiasm and focus of the group had diminished. Citizens for a Better Arizona and Randy Parraz found out that the wide support they found for their battle against Pearce was simply not there. Not enough to support its own organization, anyway.

With past as prologue, Citizens for a Better Arizona sent out an email statement this morning, declaring, “After considerable thought, reflection and debate, CBA has decided to: Cease operations as a 501 C 4 organization (effective March 1, 2015); and Initiate the formation of a $5 million fund called the Arizona Blue Campaign to register over 200,000 Democrats by October 1, 2016.”

Seeing that voter registration had been the hallmark of their successful recall and the focus of much of the group’s activity since, it is a logical move. But it is also one that indicates that an era has ended.

“Those that do the work of voter registration, outreach and turnout know the real cost of turning Arizona Blue is about $5 million. In short we need a budget that matches the crisis. Finally, this new mission needs to be driven by a new organization with new leaders, energy and resources to make it happen. CBA will not be that organization. However, CBA will be the first organization to contribute $100,000 to this effort and we challenge other organizations, elected officials, Democratic donors, business leaders and other individuals who share our commitment to turning Arizona Blue to match our $100,000 pledge. Our goal is to reach $1.5 million in pledges by July 1, 2015,” read the statement from Citizens for a Better Arizona.

They also suggested that, “if you or someone you know is interested in making a donation or hosting an event to help raise the money needed for this campaign please email your contact information to:”

Surely, this is not the end of Randy Parraz. Nor is it likely the end of the political involvement for the leaders of the CBA: Chairman, Chad Snow; Treasurer, Paul Castaneda; and secretary, Carolyn Cooper. And don’t forget board members Molly Duran, Fred Barlam, Saul Solis, Bob Unferth, Amanda Zill, and Mary Lou Boettcher.

Some may become integral to this new Arizona Blue Campaign Fund, some may turn other directions.

I’d bet anybody a nickel (up to $50 total) that Randy Parraz runs for office.

Because while past is prologue on this day, the epilogue likely has something to do with Parraz benefitting from those 200,000 new voters.
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