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Arizona And Local

Prime Cuts 2014

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From Political Tidbits And Issues That Caught The Attention Of Most Of The State To Information And Coverage Of Popular Events, Modern Times Magazine Reflected A Diverse, Energetic Population


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 12, 2015 — The Arizona and Local section is one that almost acts as the flagship section of Modern Times Magazine. Our ability to report on breaking and up-to-date stories from the state in which we are based keeps us nimble and able to pick what is either being under-reported or mis-characterized.

Our staff writers and editors do the majority of this work but we also utilize the skills of freelancers and every once in a while, some citizen journalists. In the past year, some of the more journalists endeavors that reached the most locals include the anti-police brutality protest at First Friday, the future of electric power, and sex trafficking gearing up for the Super Bowl. On the other side of our coverage coin, our readers enjoyed the more fun sides of life like Phoenix ComicCon, the IWPS, and Independence Day.

What’s No. 1? Read on.

No. 8 “The Future Of Electric Power Is Buzzing In Arizona”
Everybody loves solar power, right?

Well, so do utility companies.

When APS held public meetings on net-metering in late 2013 and 2014, former staffer Chris G. Braswell wrote a piece on it.

Do you have no idea what net metering is? Wel, click the link and see if Mr. Braswell can help you.

We’ll give it a 50-50 chance of success. Read More

No. 7 "Old Facilities, Older Rivers, And Arizona Water”
Speaking of Mr. Braswell, he did quite a bit of work in early 2014 — although he recently has been seen along the border with Mexico.

Regardless, he wrote about The Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study released by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in December 2012 and discussed the experimental Yuma Desalting Plant.

The article definitely whetted our readers appetites. Read More

No. 6 “Phoenix Marchers Rile First Friday, Decry Police Violence”
In early December, nearly 200 residents of the metro-area peacefully marched through downtown Phoenix to decry police violence as several hundred officers intimidated them with riot gear while at the same time accommodating them by shutting down traffic. Spurred locally by the Rumain Brisbon shooting and sparked nationally by the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases, police came out in force and people were able to vent.

The weirdest thing was the “big brother camera” someone with approval of police were using to record the protesters. See a picture of it and more. Read More

No. 5 “Will Phoenix Comic Con Sell-Out In 2014?”
As Phoenix Comicon put limits on the number of memberships it sells, we wondered what might happen when the annual event found its maximum capacity in a year. It could have resulted in attendees that typically depend on buying a membership the day of the event would be denied.Read More

No. 4 “Arizona, Keep The Focus On Ursula Ore”
When ASU professor Ursula Ore was arrested and accosted in downtown Tempe this spring, it became some heavy news until she agreed to a misdemeanor to keep herself out of jail — potentially if she was convicted of assault on a police officer.

We covered her appearance in court just before the Fourth of July weekend and our publisher and editor gave our opinion on Ore’s plight. Read More

No. 3 “The Night Porsha O. Stole The Show”
October brought the long anticipated International World Poetry Slam to the Phoenix metro and the promises and dedication of Lawn Gnome publishing owner Aaron Johnson did not go for naught. For on that Saturday night in Tempe, a mad and sweet woman known by many as Porsha O. got up on stage and won the hearts of the audience.

“She used many different methods on her way to being awarded the title of Individual World Poetry Slam 2014 champion: whispers, screams, emphatic urgings, logic, analogy and wordsmithing. While many of her competitors did the same things, Porsha O. (real last-name Olayiwola) seemed to have the title wrapped up early and in fact, her first two performances nearly brought down the house. Her third performance was akin to a victory lap” Read More

No. 2 “Sex Trafficking Thrives In The Phoenix Metro”
Prostitution. Sex trafficking.


Most residents of the Phoenix metro assume things like human trafficking and prostitution exist somewhere in the region, but few people likely realize how prevalent these activities are and the complexity of the battle that law enforcement and community groups are waging against them; it is a task with sharper focus right now thanks to the upcoming Super Bowl in Glendale. Read More— >

No. 1 “July 4th Events In The Phoenix Metro”
Who knows why things happen.

Modern Times Magazine is known for writing, but it seems that for some reason — perhaps our wonderful readers — our July 4 events page reached nearly 100,000 Arizonans in three days. Talk about fireworks!

Regardless, its the top Arizona story of the year.

Now, while an events article written six months ago might be considered old, it does have some nice history on the holiday including a note on the actual date the Founding Fathers thought would be remembered in perpetuity. You'll have to click to find out what the date is! Read More —>
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