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Political Profundity: Trump, Terror, And A Glowing Orb

This time, Karen Weil and John Guzzon talk Trump's Russia issues and Middle East trip, the Manchester terror attack, as well as touch on the loss and impact of Roger Ailes.

When A Test Switch Doesn't Make The Grade

Opinion: One State's Decision To Make The Sat The Official Test For College Admission Places Unfair Burdens On High School Students.

Trump: Our National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

Regardless Of What Happens From This Point In Time, Donald Trump Has Created A Stain On The Presidency Unlike Any That Have Come Before — Even Richard Nixon.

Five Weirdest State-Based U.S. Online Shopping Trend

Thanks To One Company's Deep Dive Into Google Shopping Trends, Items Like Gucci Fanny Packs, Confederate Flag Bikinis And Truck Nuts Reveal The True Nature Of The United States.

Political Profundity

Trump's Presidency Turns 100 Days: Just what is going to happen in the future may remain unseen, but the future of the nation appears more obscure than ever.

Five Points On Trump And Russia

1. The there there. 2. Hillary's emails are important after all. 3. Is Trump the Muscovite Candidate? 4. Spinning like a car stuck in the mud in Alabama. 5. The times, they are a changin.

Political Profundity: Trump Gets Comey’d

Just what will the fallout be on the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as European elections, Obamacare repeal and Trump's budget request.

Has Trump Started A Mass Deportation?

All Evidence Points To That Fact Upon Examination The President's Domestic Immigration Executive Order That Called For, Among Other Things, Adding 10,000 Immigration Officers.

Users Turning Twitter Against Trump

A Wide Swath Of The Federal Bureaucracy Is Fighting Back Against The Social Media Restrictions Placed Upon Them By Donald Trump.

The Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Guide

From Last Minute Christmas Gatherings To Dinner Parties With Your Boyfriend’s Mom’s Boss, The Holiday Season Is Filled With Unexpected Gift-Giving Events That Can Leave You Scrambling.

Five Points on Christmas and the Holiday Season

Take a trip inside the holiday season where we will reveal some of the facts, figures and statistics of the modern end of the year holidays, including how much we spend on ourselves, others and if Dickens is still relevant.

Can President Trump Deliver A Utopian Dream?

The President-Elect Has Succeeded In Confusing His Supporters That He Would Usher In A Revolution: To The Contrary, He Promised A Return To Days Gone By That Will Never Be Seen Again.

Election Day 2016 Is One To Remember

Bespotted By The Donald And The Hillary, Election Day 2016 In Arizona Will Also Reveal Voter Judgement On Medical Marijuana, Minimum Wage Hike, A New Or Older Senator, And A Slew Of Local Races.

A Literary Look At The Tiny House Phenomenon

While Tiny Homes Might Seem All The Rage Now In The United States, The Concept Is Hardly A New One -- And The Reasons Behind It Involve More Than Just Mere Economics.

Getting Sticky With Marshmallow Engineering

Choosing To Adapt To New Education Methods In Order To Keep Children Focused On Concepts Can Inspire Learning That May Appear To Be Bereft Of Effort.

Dakota Access Pipeline: A Battle Over Human Rights

According To One Legal Scholar And The Opinions Of Many Others, The Ongoing Battle Is More Complicated Than Simply Water Safety: It's Also About Environmental Racism And Playing Monopoly With Tribal Lands.

Ironically, Trump Doesn't Really Want To Be President

With Rumors Flying That Donald Trump's Campaign Is More About Publicity Than Anything Else, Voters Are On The Hook For Empowering A Bloviated Demagogue Who May Not Even Want To Take Office.

A Bus-Bound San Diego Comic-Con Adventure

An Arizonan Tries To Save Some Cash By Taking A Bus To San Diego Comic-Con, And Describes The Bumpy, Awkward, Piss-Stenched Life On The Open Road.

The Five Planks Left Out Of The GOP Party Platform

There Are No Bad Ideas, But These Are The Five Planks Republicans Left On The Cutting Room Floor During The Republican National Convention.

Daredevil, Superheroes, And Concussions

A Concussion Expert Breaks Down The Daredevil Netflix Documentary And Discusses The Ways That Vigilantism And Entertainment Spur On The Concussion Epidemic.

How Did You Spend Memorial Day?

Sure, Memorial Day Has Gone, But For Those Who Simply Partied And Passed Over The Darker Side Of The Holiday, Take A Moment To Stop And Reflect.

A Look At Herbalife And Multi-Level Marketing

They May Not Technically Be Pyramid Schemes, But Nevertheless, Most People Who Participate In These Endeavors Never See More Money Than They Put In.

Cinco de Mayo: Significant Event Or An Excuse To Party?

Tequila Aside, The Fifth Of May Is Mainly A Celebration For Mexican Ex-Patriots, Much Like St. Patrick's Day For Irish And Columbus Day For Italians.

The Summer Festival Survival Guide

Festival Veterans Share Advice, Tips And Tricks To Help Eventgoers Enjoy Coachella, San Diego Comic-Con and Other Fan Festivals This Summer.

Moving To Canada For Dummies

We've Compiled A Beginner's Guide For All Of The Ex-Pats Thinking Of Moving To Canada If, Or When, Donald Trump Becomes President.

The Day Monica Lewinsky Came To ASU

The Price Of Shame, Or The Price Of Blame? The Woman Who Helped Bill Clinton Implode His Presidency Brings Her Unique Story To Arizona State University.

Supreme Court Vacancy: What Would Scalia Do?

Would The Late Justice Antonin Scalia Support The Republican Argument To Block President Obama's Eventual Supreme Court Nomination?

Are Videos The Satirical Medium For The Digital Age?

As More And More Amateur Satire Videos Fill Up YouTube And Facebook, Viewers May Lose The Context And Run The Risk Of Fooling Too Many People Because They Miss The Message.

Surviving The Most Dangerous Time Of The Year

The Holiday Season, While Joyous, Compels Many Americans To Celebrate Their Way To Injury, Food Poisoning And Withered Bank Accounts.

Can MoviePass Really Save You Money At The Theatre?

The MoviePass Subscription Program Offers Filmgoers The Chance To See One Movie A Day For Just $30 Per Month, But It's Not Without Its Shortcomings.

Gamers Must Buy Xbox One Or PS4 Now

Now Is The Time For Even The Most Casual Gamers to Abandon Obsolete Consoles And Invest In The Newest And Most Functional Machines Available.

Daniel Craig Is A Bond To Remember

The Blond-Haired British Actor Cemented His Legacy As One Of The Best Bonds Ever By Departing From The Franchise’s Roots And Attracting A Younger Audience.

Why Does The U.S. Govt. Kill Like A Crazed Gunman?

A Proud Gun Owner Reflects On President Obama's Call For Gun Control Despite A Seemingly Unabashed Governmental Policy Of Killing Foreign Civilians.

10 Reasons To Love And Hate Listicles

Taking A Cue From Thousands Of Other Websites Throughout The Globe, We Have Accepted A Top Ten List From A Talented Writer, But Beware As It Is Not Your Typical Listicle.

Disneyland Or Dismaland?

With All Due Respect To Banksy, The Original Disneylands Are Enough Of A Nightmarish, Apocalyptic Scene Than Anything The Renowned Graffiti Artist Can Pull Off.

Deep Thoughts: Is My Boyfriend The Prettier One?

When Considering Whether To Enter A Relationship With A Hunky Guy, Should A Gal Consider What Impact His Hotness Will Have On Her Psyche?

Stereotypical USA: Why Shylock Dominates Cinema

A Professor And Author Explores How In Feature Films And The Small Screen, Hollywood Reinforces Anti-Semitic Stereotypes Even When It Helps To Devalue The True Message.

Going DARK Over GMOs

With Recent Passage In The U.S. House, A Bill That Will Require Labeling Is Catching Flak From Some Quarters Due To Not Requiring Mandatory Labeling For Genetically Modified Organisms.

Crazy Cat Lady, Hyperreal Mix

Dreams Of Hypoallergenic Cats By One Who Is Allergic In Order To Connect To The Natural World That Is At Times Lost In Our Modern World.

What If Confederate Flag Lovers Could Be Honest?

In The Age Of Political Correctness And Closet Racists, It Is Not Very Hard To Believe That Anyone Claiming To Support What Has Become Known As The Confederate Flag Is Likely A Racist.

The Loudness War And How It Impacts Consumers

YouTube Is The Number One Way People Listen To Music Today, But Their Treatment Of Audio Is A Potential Problem For Listeners Who Are Largely Unaware That There Is Any Difference.

Assessing The True Costs Of Animal Cruelty

The FBI Has Classified Animal Cruelty As a Top-Tier Felony and While Animal Cruelty Needs To Be Taken Seriously, That May Be a Bit Too Serious.

Rolling Down The Cinematic River

Taking A Cruise Along The Mississippi In A Classic And Vintage 19th Century Steamboat While Watching Film Classics Was, For Our Reel To Real Storytellers, A Treat For Both Lovers Of Film And Those That Love The Big Muddy.

Of Columbus, The Redskins, And Ignorant Racism

Nearly 600 Years After The Italian Explorer Reached The New World, The United States Is Immeshed In A Debate Filled With Questions Of What It Means To Be Offensive And Ignorant While Also Using Revisionist History As Justification.

Jules White: A Short Take On Three Stooges

Jules White, Head Of Columbia Studios' Short Subject Department — And The Man Who Produced The Majority Of The Most Memorable Of Stooge Shorts — Discusses Which Of The Three He Thought Was Funniest And More.

Brown’s Death Should Be Universally Condemned

As The Town Of Ferguson, Mo., Comes To Grips With The Shooting That Resulted In The Death Of A Soon-To-Be College Student, The Nation Once Again Grapples With The Issue Of Law Enforcement Aggression.

The Fault In The Fault In Our Stars

Young Adult Literature Can Speak To The Masses — Yet Even The Most Popular Writers Make Poor Judgment Calls And The Work Of John Green Requires Closer Reading.

What's Trending? Business English

From Warhol To Bourdieu And From Art To The Creation Of Technocratic Drones Comes A Discussion About Considering Vocationalism As A Virtue Rather Than A Limitation.

What Might Baudrillard Say About Vieuxtemps Guarneri?

Troubling Collection: When Objects That Have Been Elevated By Their Aura To Be Worth A Lot Of Cash, The Enterprise Becomes Little More Than A Power Play.

Libertarians Foolishly Ignore Workplace Data Collection

The Increasing Prevalence Of Workplace Surveillance Does Not Seem To Have Raised The Ire Of Libertarians, But What They Miss Is That Data On Individual Citizens Will Undoubtedly Move From The Private Sphere And Into The Public One.

Nature And Culture: Urban Nature In Youngstown, Ohio

In Today’s Post-Suburban Community Management, A Realistic Perspective Sees Redemption And Order In What More Narrow Views Often Define As Urban Decline.

A Rapper Among The Amish

Through A Reality T.V. Lens, White Urban Rapper Vanilla Ice Finds A Place For Personal Growth And Common Ground In An Amish Community.

Texas Rich Kid Beat The Case Due To "Affluenza"

Ethan Couch Kills Four and Escapes Prison Sentence Due To A Defense Based Upon His Inattentive Parents, An Accommodating Judge And Complete Disregard For Consequences. Legit Tool Or Colossal Blunder?

While Some In Education Lament The Development Of Teacher And Professor Rating Websites, The Comments Make For Compelling Tales That Can Be Invaluable To The Future of Education.

Kids As Consumers: A Look At A Retail Giant’s Ad Campaign

America’s Corporations Produce Effective Marketing Strategies That Indoctrinate Youth Into The Culture Of Consumerism And Strengthen Racial Stereotypes.

Thinking Out Of The Box On Standardized Tests

Is There A Correlation Between Standardized Testing And Proficiency Or Is The Notion Of A Pioneering Individual A Lost Aspiration Of An Optimistic View Of The Future?

Rubles To Dollars And Back Again

A Trip Out With His Son To Exchange A Russian Note For U.S. Dollars Turns Into A Lesson About Currency That Renders The Author Pondering The True Value Of Monetary Systems.

Occupy Movement Still Surviving, To Hold Gathering

A Smaller But Lasting Group Of Concerned People Will Gather Aug. 21 to 25 in Kalamazoo, Mich., To Explore How To Best Bring Meaningful Change To The United States.

It Takes A Community To Make Change

Most People Want To See Change Of Some Sort Or Another In Society But Few Fail To Realize That Change Only Comes From Building A Strong Coalition.

Work: Defining Equitable Labor By What It’s Not

Everyone Works And Everyone Earns To Varying Degrees, But The Means By Which Labor, Currency And Value Are Acquired Can Create Vectors Of Random Sensibilities.

Praising The Civil Disobedience of Edward Snowden

Is Henry David Thoreau Smiling Along The Heavenly Banks of the Concord And Merrimack Rivers As Edward Snowden Makes The Case That Sometimes Laws Must Be Broken.

Physical Recovery With Open Minds And Wider Perspectives

Dr. Joe Wood, Author Of Miracles In Minutes: A Doctor And Patient’s Guide To Alleviating Most Pains Almost Immediately, Puts Forth The Notion That Medical Science Still Doesn’t Have All Of The Answers.

Substitute Teachers Need Appreciation (And Food)

In The Midst Of A Teacher Appreciation Week Search For A Free Lunch, The Options Are Not All That Numerous Or Plentiful Except For The Efforts Of A Famous Dave.

Context And Census Of Intellectual Marketplaces

What And What Not: Understanding The Role And Context Of Oneself And One’s Peers, Among The Thoroughfares Of Thought And Ideas Is Key To The Sustainability And Preservation Of The World’s Venues Of Critical Thinking.

The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Snafu

As If Journalism Does Not Have Enough Of A Bad Reputation, The New York Post’s Misidentification Of Two Suspects Brings Additional Shame, Mistrust From Reading Public.

It Takes A Village: The Art Of Quitting

An Individual’s Behavior In A Market Of Goods Bears Real Consequences For Others, And Mindfulness Of This Fact Can Help Create A Stronger, Safer Marketplace For All.

North Korea Fears Are Ignorant, Misguided

The Current War Rumblings Between North Korea And The United States Smell Of The Worst Kind Of Policy: That Conflict Can Solidify Support And Bolster Economies.

The Stigmata Of Symbolism

The Perils And Penelopes Of Phenomenological Origination: An Argument That The Mis-Attribution of Causality Could Be The Primary Source of All Problems.

Of Rape, Athletes And Sports Fans

Yet Another Group Of High School Athletes Is Charged With Sexual Assault Amid The Increased Glorification Of Sports And Players By Fans, Friends.

Of Drones And Their Alleged Domestic Use

Even If The Allegations That The Obama Administration Wants To Use Drones Domestically to Attack Accused Terrorists Is True, Would Most Americans Even Care?

U.S. Currency Becoming Worthless As It Sits Idle

Your Dollar May Not Mean What You Think It Means, Or, Objects in Wallet May Be Larger Than They Appear.

‘The Shooter’ Story Points To Deeper Inequities

If Congress People Get Vested In Their Pension Plan After Five Years Of Battling Each Other, Shouldn’t Navy SEALS Get The Same Benefit After Battling Armed Enemies?

Eagle Scout: BSA Wrong To Deny Gay Young Men

For Many Reasons — Not The Least Of Which That Banning Gay Boys Based On Sexual Orientation Is Hypocritical To The Tenets Of Scouting — Governing Organization Should Take A Stand.

It Takes A Village To Foster Gun Violence

Despite Calls For New Gun Laws And Rankings From The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, Reducing Or Stopping Mass Shootings Will Not Be A Simple Fix.

The Irrational GOP Love For Calvin Coolidge

At Goldwater Institute Event Plugging Author Amity Shlaes’ New Book On ‘Silent Cal,’ The True Debate — Keynes Vs. Friedman — Is Masked By Austerity Rhetoric And Idolatry.

Facebook Lawsuit: Network At Your Own Peril

Fraley vs. Facebook Class Action Case Brings To The Fore The Emerging Digital Currency System — And The Boundaries Of Internet Privacy.

The Myth Of American Political Freedom

The Myths And Misperceptions That Have Given Birth To Unwavering, Dedicated Followers Of The Constitution Prevent Growth And Expansion Of American Political Discourse.

Of Newtown, Gun Control And Mental Health
As The Incidents Of Mass Shootings Of Innocents Continues To Escalate, Our Shared National Grief Must Be Transformed Into Efforts Aimed At Prevention.

The Flummoxing Case Of What Susan Rice Said

The Scandal Of What The U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations Said When On A Tour Of Sunday Talk Shows Stops One Cut From The Truth.

Obama Saving ‘Better Off’ Mantra For DNC

Although The Current Economic Situation Could Be Better, The President Will Likely Answer The ‘Better Off’ Question With A Resounding Yes.

Happy Birthday, Barack, Here’s Some Cash

As The President Enjoys A Happy Birthday, His Wife And Others Are Busy Planning A Secret Cash Collecting Event To Benefit His Campaign.

A Wounded ALEC Assembles In Utah

Thanks To Arizona Protesters, The Center For Media And Democracy, And Other Factors, The American Legislative Exchange Council Has Been Weakened.

Aurora: Politicians Can’t Solve This One

Despite All Of The Hoopla And Talking-Head Banter, Legislation Can Do Little To Stop Psychopaths: Rather We Must All Peer Into Ourselves.

The Changing Face Of Journalism

From The Amalgam Of J-Schools, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites And Blogs Comes A New Paradigm For Journalism: Ambivalence Towards Community.

SCOTUS Chief Roberts Blasts Dogma Divide

In Two Landmark Decisions Handed Down This Week, The Chief Justice Surprisingly Provides A Lesson In Public Service For The Age Of Rhetoric.

Twitter Evolves Out Of Celebrity Lovefest

Some Of The Best New Accounts To Follow Are Not Celebrities With Too Much Time On Their Hands, But Cultural Crusaders With Sharp Wits.

Climate Change: A Ball Of Confusion

Amid The Printing Of Contrary Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Articles This Week, One Scientist Delves Into Realities Of Public Perception.

The Sorry State of Gov. Brewer

Gov. Jan Brew-ha-ha, Perhaps The Nation’s Most Embarrassing Politician, Has Buried The Grand Canyon State In Shame Once Again.

The ‘Piracy’ Saga Of The Interwebs

Beyond The Rhetoric, The Industries And Political Operators That Support SOPA And PIPA Are Attempting To Forestall The Decentralization Of The Entertainment Industry.

Living Lessons From Heywood Suicides

Those Who Are At The Point Where They Consider Taking Their Own Lives Can Be Helped With Counseling And Care.

After N.H., Romney Has The Big Mo

After Wins In The First Two Presidential Nominating Contests, Romney Preps For Challenging Southern Swing.

How Ron Paul Can Save The Country

As Republican Presidential Candidates Fail To Seize The Nomination, Independent Texan Might Grab Early Win.

ALEC Brings Power, Protest To Scottsdale

American Legislative Exchange Council Hosts Politicians, Corporations While Occupy Phoenix, Others, Plan Protests.

Hate Crimes Continue To Linger In U.S.

Amid All The Progress Made Over The Last Several Decades, Hate-Based Crime Refuses To Go Away.

Herman Cain Needs To Unfurl The Family

Republican Candidate Pleads With Media To Leave His Family Alone, But He Cannot Win Without Them.

A Veterans Day Salute

As Holidays Become More Generically Dismissed, Honoring Those Who Serve Should Mean More Than A Day Off.

Who Are The 1 Percent?

CBO Report Identifies Not Only The Inequalities In Household Income But Who Benefits Most.

The Lure Of Herman Cain

Former Pillsbury Executive Turned Conservative Pundit Moves To The Front Of Republican Presidential Race.

Rick “Palooka” Perry Under Attack

With Rick Perry Cementing Support, Fringe Candidates Begin To Launch Haymakers.

Amnesty Or Deportation For Illegals?

The Obama White House Might Be Going On The Offensive Over Illegal Immigration.

Justice Fleeting In West Memphis Three Saga

Although Misskelley, Baldwin and Echols Are Free, The Killers Of The Three Cub Scouts Remain Unpunished.

Contenders: Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann

With Ames Poll Over, Three Contenders Rise Above The Pack In Nomination Fight Against Front-Runner Romney.

London Riots: Combing Through The Aftermath

Riots And Looting Are Symptoms Of Deep Societal Problems, But What, Exactly, Is The Malady.

Ron Paul, Bachmann, Need Ames Win

The Three Viable Dark Horses Seek To Boost Relevancy In Absence of Romney.

GOP Discards Logic To Woo Tea Party

The Core Of The Republican Party Is Being Manipulated By Those Who Do Not Care About Them.

The Lure Of Ron Paul

Perhaps The Texas Congressman’s Appeal Is The Lesson Of Compromise.

Reagan Compromised, So Should GOP, Dems

Since Compromise Looks To Be A Relic In Washington, Politicians Gamble With The Future Of America.

Whitey Bulger, LSD And Alcatraz

Former Leader Of The Winter Hill Gang Was Part Of CIA’s LSD Experiments And An Inmate At Alcatraz.

Weiner Scandal A Sexting Hand Grenade

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Social Media Interactions Earn Him National Scorn In The First Political Sexting Scandal.

GOP White House Hopes Hinge On Romney

Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich Lead An Uninspiring Group As Romney Waits.

Gays In Pro Sport Debate Misses Mark
In The Wake Of Rick Welt’s Announcement And Big Time Fines To Kobe Bryant and Joachim Noah, Locker Rooms and Religion Are Not Being Discussed.

Getting OBL: Embracing Killing And Torture
Soon After Crowds Cheer The Death Of A Superstar Terrorist, Republicans Credit Torture And A Football Player Becomes A Lightning Rod.

The Impact Of Osama Bin Laden’s Death
Killing Or Capturing The Nefarious Leader Of Al Qaeda Was A Political Prerequisite For The Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops From Afghanistan And Changes The Domestic Political Landscape.

Dogma Bites Man Over Taxes
Or, how the trickle down theory has led to massive debts, a class of super rich and a weakening middle class.

Police Officers Are Not Above The Law?
The sentencing of two former New Orleans police officers for killing a man then covering it up in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is a step in the right direction.

Who Wants To Be The GOP Nominee?
The list of potential candidates continues to grow, but expect the next republican president to sit this one out and let Romney get beat.

Wasting Time In America: On the Homefront
In the final installment of a three part series about how America loves to waste time, travel to the homefront, where wasting time has become the American way of life.

Wasting Time In America: Private Sector
In the second installment of a three part series about how America loves to waste time, we take a trip to the private sector where laziness and apathy reign supreme.

Wasting Time In America: Universities
In the first installment of a three part series about how America loves to waste time, take a trip to university where a tour of tedium awaits.

Days Of Divisiveness
As the Middle East begins to throw off the shackles of tyranny and unite, the United States, led by Wisconsin and Arizona, feed the divisiveness.

Rematch on Taxes Set for 2012
When 2012 arrives, expect Democrats to remind voters that Republicans raised the deficit by nearly $1 trillion after a positively political end to the tax deal.

Pass the Malaise
As the holiday season arrives, and the national consensus is things suck, is another intellectual, Democratic president presiding over yet another national crisis of confidence?

The Numbers Behind Bank Jobs
There is a good reason why it might seem every newscast across the country has at least one story every week about a bank job: Because there are about 10 each day in America.

The Iraq War is Over?
The U.S. has announced an end to all combat operations in Iraq. But unlike World War II, the enemy will not stop fighting anytime soon and the soldiers returning home will not get a ticker-tape parade.

The Anvil in the Desert
As is often the case, the U.S. Congress will not take on the job that the Constituion says is theirs alone: Fixing border issues and blunders. Photo by Thomas Castelazo.

Who’s to Blame for Gulf Spill?
Amid the dogpiling on BP as a result of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. legislators have pointed the blame away from themselves.

Law of Extreme Consequence
What if immigration laws were discarded or illegal immigrants were rounded up? A party for the extremists in a detention camp.

The Birth of Spill, Baby, Spill?
Now that the spill in the Gulf is continuing, here’s hoping the slogan ‘drill, baby, drill’ might finally be eliminated from the national lexicon.

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