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Army Colonel's Book Details Battle of Ramadi

Iraq War Veteran Tony Dean Says He Was Driven To Write About The Experience Because It Is An Example Of On Post-Millennium Warfare With A Successful Ending.

Salton Sea Ecological Disaster Nears Climax

Clock Is Ticking On The Abandoned California Lake Town: Diverted Water Will Make Toxic Dust Plumes A Possibility For Southern California And Arizona.

Suicide Girls Bring Their Burlesque To Phoenix

The Suicide Girls Bring The Latest Iteration of Blackheart Burlesque To Phoenix On April 15, Complete With Westworld-Themed Numbers And A Message Of Body Positivity.

One Arizona Man's Vietnam Experience

The Part-Time Resident Of The Grand Canyon State Hopes The Novelization Of His Experiences Resonates With His Fellow Veterans.

Is Ending The War On Drugs A Panacea?

Professor And Author W.A. Bogart Discusses His New Book, Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs, Which Calls For A Philosophical Approach To The Issues Of Use And Abuse.

Political Profundity

Donald J. Trump's First Weekend: The War On The Media, Mainstream, That Is, Alternative Facts, And Crowd Size.

Are 'Natural' Cigarette Smokers Being Misled?

A Recent Study Found That Many Smokers In The U.S. Believe Tobacco Products Marketed As "Natural" Or "Additive-Free" Are Safer Than The Alternative.

Grade-A Prime Cuts 2016

The Most-Read Stories In 2016 Across All Of Modern Times Magazine Include Five Local Bands, Movie Remake Obsession, Lucille Ball And A Look At Herbalife.

Modern Times Magazine’s Nation/World Prime Cuts 2016

Some Of The Most-Read Stories In 2016 On National And International Issues Include A Look At Herbalife, CD Collections, GMOs And A Story About A Boy From 1861.

Top Stories of 2016

Karen Weil and John Guzzon talk Donald Trump, Carrie Fisher, terror attack, police shootings, police being shot at as well as local stories like the defeat of Joe Arpaio and much more in this wrap of 2016's most memorable stories from Arizona and beyond.

Elf On The Shelf, Santa And The Surveillance State

Seemingly-Innocent Holiday Figures Like Santa Claus And, More Recently, Elf On The Shelf Could Actually Affect The Way Children Accept Surveillance.

Is Milk Good For You?

Milk Used To Be An Essential Part Of Most American Diets But Recent Pushback Against The One-Time Staple Has Put The Dairy Industry On Its Heels.

Memoirs From A Boy Of 1861

A Soldier In The 108th New York Volunteers Gave His Account Of The Fighting At The Battle Of Antietam Long Ago, But Thanks To Several Stewards It Has Finally Made Its Way Back To The Battleground.

Still Have A CD Collection? Adjust To Modern Methods

With All Of The Options Out There To Go To The Cloud, Is It The Best Way To Manage A Digital Music Collection In 2016, Or Is It Still Better To Keep Tracks On Your Own Device?

What Arizona Can Learn From Oregon's Marijuana Experiment

With A Likely Appearance Of Legalization On The November Ballot, Oregon's Recent Experience And Independent Research Can Provide Insight To Voters In The Grand Canyon State.

The Truth Behind America's Gender Pay Gap

While Arizona Has One Of The Lowest Gender Pay Gaps In The Nation, Women In The State Still Earn 84 Cents On The Dollar Compared To Men, While The Race Pay Gap Grows.

What, Exactly, Is A Modern Socialist?

Emidio Soltysik, The Actual Presidential Candidate For The Socialist Party USA, Talks Bernie Sanders And The Other Candidates.

Digging Deep With A GMO Food Expert

University of Georgia Doctoral Student Brian Nadon Sat Down With Modern Times Magazine To Discuss Genetically Modified Foods

Is Math The Path To Equality?

Civil Rights Icon Bob Moses And The Algebra Project Seek To Fight Income Inequality By Providing Equal Access To Math Education.

Modern Times Magazine's Nation/World Prime Cuts 2015

From The A In Aggravated Assault, To The Z in Buzz, This Year's Nation/World Prime Cuts Run The Gamut, Including Drones, Mass Shootings, Disneyland, And Hypoallergenic Cats.

Stormtrooper Fiat Has Plenty of Forcepower

Disney And Lucasfilm Partnered With Fiat To Create a One-Of-A-Kind Storm Trooper-Themed Fiat 500 To Promote the Upcoming Release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Inside The World Of Fan Art

As Films, Paintings, Drawings T-Shirts And More That Depict Copyrighted Elements Of Comics And Films Gain In Popularity, Is It Only A Matter Of Time Before Fan-Art Enters The Cross Hairs Of Major License Holders?

Copyright Battle Looms Over Music Industry

A Bill Winding Through The Long Roads Of The U.S. Congress Aims To Rewrite Copyright Rules That Have Become Increasingly Dated With The Development Of Music Streaming Services.

One On One With George Burns

In The Third And Final Chapter About The Reel To Real Guys' Interview History With George Burns, The Hollywood Legend Talks Lamb Chops, The St. Paul Orpheum And More.

Catching George Burns Between Puffs

In The Second Of A Three-Part Series, Two Entertainment Journalists Recount The Tale Of How They Managed To Secure An Interview With One Of The Grandest Kings Of Comedy.

Hunting George Burns, Comedy’s Elder Statesman

The Iconic Leader Of The First Wave Of Comedy In The Electronic Age Is Pursued By A Pair Of Entertainment Journalists In The First Part Of A Series About How They Secured An Interview With The Legend.

Steve Lawrence Moves On Without Eydie

The Former Star For the Stars Recently Celebrated His 80th Birthday Without His Equally Talented And Renowned Wife, Eydie Gorme By His Side.

Jack Carter Wanted, And Deserved, His Due

The Cantankerous Television And Film Actor, Who Was, At One Time, A Bigger Name Than Both Jackie Gleason And Sid Caesar, Passed Away In Near Anonymity In Late June.

Reflecting On Four Decades Of Entertainment Journalism

How Two Teenagers From St. Paul Followed Their Dreams And Ended Up Interviewing Some Of The Biggest Names In Hollywood History.

Fred Astaire’s Silent Partner, Hermes Pan: Part II

More From Hermes Pan On Fred Astaire Including Why Ginger Rogers Was Astaire’s Best On-Screen Partner, How The Two Worked To Get Routines Right.

Fred Astaire's Silent Partner, Hermes Pan

Part One: Hermes Pan, Was More Than Fred Astaire's Dance Assistant, He Helped Create The Iconic Choreography That Defined The Best Performances Of Astaire.

Celebrating Les Paul At 100

Guitar Virtuoso Trail-Blazed His Way To Becoming The Consummate Musician And The Darling Of Dozens Of Rock And Roll Icons Who Credit Him With The Innovations That Changed The Music World Forever.

Sammy Cahn And The Miracle Of Songwriting

Lyricist Cahn May Have Used A Typewriter Keyboard To Construct His Musical Classics, But The Lyrics That Emanated From The Merger Of Man And Machine Were Nothing Short Of Miracles.

Talking Up To Carleton Carpenter

A Short Conversation With A Tall Man Reveals What It Was Like To Make Memorable Cinema Moments While Tongue Twisting With Debbie Reynolds And Having A Run-In With Gene Kelly.

Orson Welles Is Still Bigger Than Life At Centennial

Whether Making Classic Films Such As Citizen Kane Or Pitching No Wine Before Its Time, Orson Welles Left An Enduring Mark On Popular Culture.

The Trailblazing Spirit of Pam Grier

More Than Just One Of The Prettiest People To Ever Make It Big In Hollywood, Grier Is Also One Of The Toughest And Persistent Champions Of The Strength Of Women To Grace The Silver Screen.

Billy May's Swinging Affairs

Legendary Bandleader Talks Coming Up As A Jazz Musician In The Genre's Golden Age As Well As What It Was Like To Perform With Glenn Miller And Frank Sinatra.

The Forgotten James Bond Is Still A Thrill

George Lazenby, Also Known As The First Replacement For Sean Connery, May Look More Haggard Than Suave These Days, But He Still Knows How To Pack A Punch.

Three-Sheeting With Mary And Eddie Foy

Remembering One Of The Great Heroes Of Vaudeville Through The Memories Of Two Of His Also Talented Children About What Drove Their Dad To The Top Of The Heap.

The Velocity Of Ann-Margret

The Ever-Sexy And Ever-Hyphenated Ann-Margret Is Addicted To Speed, She Said At The TCM Film Festival, Partly Inspired By Her Rural Upbringing But Also Marlon Brando In One Of His Most Iconic Roles.

Going Hollywood At The TCM Film Fest

Jam-Packed Crowds Of Adoring Fans Have Finished Rampaging Through Los Angeles For The Annual Celebration Of Classic Cinema Put-On By The Biggest And Best Source Of Old Movies In The United States.

The Real McCoy: Recollecting DeForest Kelley

Spock May Have Given Star Trek Logic And Kirk Might Have Provided Bravado and Sex Appeal, But As Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, Kelley Gave The Show Some Heart.

Hawthorne-Bashing: Literary Hate Crime

While Many High Schoolers — And Their Parents, Too — Cannot Seem To Relate To Hawthorne’s Classic, The Scarlet Letter, Using Emma Stone’s Easy A As A Modern Signpost Is Misguided, At Best.

Steve McQueen Was The King Of Cool

The Hollywood Legend — Who Would Have Been 85-Years-Old This Week If Cancer Hadn’t Dimmed His Star — May Have Last Appeared On Film More Than Three Decades Ago, But His Status As An Intransigent Rebel Persists.

Nicholas Brothers: The Great American Flyers

The Dancing Nicholas Brothers Defied Gravity — Higher And In More Ways Than Any Other Dancers Or Athletes Like Michael Jordan — And They Are Likely The Greatest Flash Act In Showbiz History.

How The Sound Of Music Surprised Everyone

Part Two of A Two-Part Series: The Hollywood Version Of The Tale Of The Von Trapp Family's Escape From Austria Was Not Anticipated To Be Such A Smash, And Was Lambasted By Some Critics As Syrupy.

Celebrating The Sound Of Music: Part One

The Hollywood Version Of The Tale Of The Von Trapp Family's Escape From Austria Continues To Resonate, Cementing Its Status As A National Love Affair 50 Years After Its Release.

Ted Knight, The Last Great Anchorman

With Brian Williams Tarnished By Embellishment, Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane To When News Anchors Were Trusted Members Of The Family With Ted Knight Whose Stingy Portrayal Of Ted Baxter Belied His True, Generous Nature.

How John W. Bubbles Changed America

The Originator Of Rhythm Tap Talks Dancing With Reel To Real, Including Nuggets About His Selection As Sportin' Life, And Giving Fred Astaire Dancing Lessons For $400 Per Hour.

The Jack Lemmon Law

The Actor, Who Was A Hollywood Heavyweight For More Than Four Decades In Dramatic And Comedic Roles Alike, Would Have Been 90-Years-Old This Week, So We Celebrate With Our Choices Of His Best Films.

Reveling In The Hilarity Of Eddie Bracken

Much More Than A Character Actor Par Excellence, Eddie Bracken Should Be Hailed As The King Of Screwball Comedies For His Hilarious Portrayals Of Milquetoasts And Nerds.

A Chat With Uncle Miltie

The Man Who Many Credit As The First True Television Star Discusses Life, Humor, How He Got His Most Famous Moniker, And Other Things That Go Funny In The Night.

Tippi Hedren On Rod Taylor, The Original Birdman

The Actress, Who Turns 85 Today and Is Also The Mother of Melanie Griffith, Recalls That Alfred Hitchcock Was A Bigger Nemesis That The Birds.

Grade A Prime Cuts 2014

Some Say The Cream Rises To Top And Others That The Nest Of The Best Are The Cream Of The Crop. Forget The Milk And Let’s Get To The Meat With The Grade A Prime Cuts Of 2014.

Nation And World Prime Cuts 2014

Complementing Our News And Features, The Modern Times Magazine Fiction and Satire Section Provides Comic Relief To The Real Stories That Aren't Really So Funny But Are Best Tackled By Entertainment.

Debbie Does SAG

Perhaps The Greatest Collection Of Parts In The Entertainment Industry, Debbie Reynolds Personifies Personality And Will Receive Well-Deserved Recognition From The Screen Actors Guild.

Mark Metcalf Beyond The Animal House

The Actor Who Played The Immortally Evil Neidermeyer In The 1970s Classic Also Made A Mark Decades Later As The First Real Baddy To Go Up Against Joss Whedon’s Buffy Summers.

America Had Eyes For Harry Warren And His Tunes

The Oft-Forgotten Composer Who Worked At All Three Of The Major Studios And Arguably Was Just As Accomplished As Berlin, Porter, Kern And The Gershwins, Discusses His Lack Of Chutzpah And Much More.

Classic Roots Inspire Rob Marshall's New Film

The Marshall Plan In The New Millennium Is Not Rebuilding Europe And Defending Against Communism, But The Single-Focused Passion Of Director Rob Marshall To Celebrate Musicals As A Creative Process.

Livingston And Evans: Anatomy Of A Christmas Carol

From The Halls Of Christmas Past Comes One Of The Most Successful Songwriting Duos Of All Time Who Saw Christmas Songs As A Way To Possibly Have A Hit Each And Every Holiday Season.

Deep Into The Festering Mind Of Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan, The Wackadoodle Star Of The Iconic 1960s Wackadoodle Television Series, Was Also One Of The First Real Child Stars After His Breakout Role With Charlie Chaplin But Will Always Be Remembered As Uncle Fester.

Chuck Who? Director Walters Gets Due Credit In New Bio

Although Recognized By Song And Dance Fans For His Memorable Musicals, The Director Has Also Put His Mark On Many Other Films And Will Be The Focus Of A Special Series Of Showings On Turner Classic Movies.

Leslie Nielsen: From Gravitas To Goofball

Often Actors Become Typecast Or Simply Do Not Have The Range To Cross From Drama To Comedy, But For One Of The Most Late-Blooming Comic Actors In History, Being Funny Was Something That Came Naturally.

Jerry Lewis On Forward Movement And Sight Gags

Hailed As A Genius In France, And Largely Forgotten In His Native U.S.A., Jerry Lewis Still Maintains He Won't Soon Be Migrating, Mainly Because There Is No Good Egg Cream Available Across The Pond.

Mary Ann or Ginger? The Great TV Debate Turns 50

Dawn Wells, The Actress Who Has Stolen The Hearts — And Stirred The Libidos — Of Millions Across The Globe, Discusses The Great Debate Of Whom Fans Would Most Like To Be With On A Deserted Island.

Paul Newman Was A Living Legend That Deserved It

The Man Who Was One Of The Best Actors Of His Generation Was Also Both A Philanthropist That Didn't Just Donate Money But Made It The Aim Of A Business, And A Regular Guy Who Would Help Stranded Motorists.

Fred de Cordova On Carson, The Tonight Show

The Man Who Directed And Produced The Show From 1970 Onward, de Cordova Was A Multi-Talented Individual Who Kept The Ball Rolling On The Iconic Program From Behind The Camera.

Adele Astaire: Fred’s Better Half

The Screen Legend Played Second Fiddle To His Supremely Elder Sister When He Was An Extremely Young Vaudevillian, But According To Her, He Was Always A Diligent Craftsman Who Would Prep The Stage And Rehearse The Pit Orchestras.

Anti-Comedy: The Art of Groucho Marx

Groucho May Have Been The Leader And The Most Well Known Of The Marx Brothers, But Without Contributions From Chico, Harpo And Even Zeppo And Gummo, The Famously Funny Family May Have Never Had Such An Immense Cultural Impact.

Gregory Peck: Unabashed Liberal

One Of The Most Endearing And Respected Stars To Ever Grace A Marquee, Peck Not Only Sought Out Roles That Would Strike A Chord With Audiences But Those That Might Effectuate Change.

GWTW At 75: Frankly, We Do Give A Damn

After Three-Quarters Of A Century, The David O. Selznick Classic Remains One Of The Most Iconic And Timeless Film Classics, Not Just For Its Stunning Imagery But For The Epic Drama That Occurred Behind The Scenes.

Lauren Bacall: Just Aces

The Sultry, Seductive Siren — Who Also Happened To Be One Of The Best Motivators Of A Whistle — Is Remembered During The Time She And Bogey Fell For Each Other By Songster Hoagy Carmichael.

Steiger Talks Dean, Brando, Bogey, Cooper

One Of The Leaders Of The Early Actors Studio Revolution, Luminary Rod Steiger Waxes On Acting, Many Of His Co-Stars And Much More In A Remembrance Of An Interview Done Into The Dusky Twilight.

Gene Kelly: The Epitome Of A Song And Dance Man

From His Humble Beginnings — And Forgetting The Facial Scar — Gene Kelly Took Musicals From Ethereal, Light-Hearted Incarnations To The Incredibly Blended, Real And Groundbreaking Triumphs Of Art.

Hitchcock’s Blonde Ambition

The Master Of Suspense Is Still Scaring Up Classic Movie Moments 115 Years After His Birth On Aug. 13 With A Little Help From His Favorite Type Of Leading Lady: Blonde And Smoking Hot.

Angie Dickinson Loves Being A Homebody

Now 81, The Legend Who Worked With Such Luminaries As John Wayne, Frank Sinatra And Lee Marvin, Talks About Reuniting With Old Friends And How Sometimes A Twist Off Cap Is The Right Choice For A Wine.

A Distant Roar: MGM At 90

Recollecting The Foundations That Begot The Famed Lion’s Roar While Lamenting The Loss Of A Place And Set Of Ideals That Framed The Images Of A Generation.

Remembering The Irrepressible Mickey Rooney

Special Contributors Reel To Real Recount An Interview With The Hollywood Legend More Than Two Decades Ago While Also Relating Some Of The Struggles He Faced Near The End As Told By His Family.

The Lies A Writer (Almost) Wrote In Europe

Seemingly Ill-Timed Writer’s Block Set Upon Our Essayist During A European Romp; But This Occurrence Is Very Possibly Good News. We Shall All Wait Patiently That We Might, In Due Time, See Its Redemption.

Nation/World Prime Cuts 2013

As Was Witnessed On The Pages of Modern Times Magazine In 2013, News From 10,000 Miles Away And An Event 10 Feet From Your Backdoor Can Be Equally Relevant Thanks To The Interconnectedness Of Worldwide Systems.

Grade "A" Prime Cuts Of 2013

Each Content Department Has Its Own List Of Winners, But Inclusive Of All Modern Times Magazine’s Sections, These Prime Cuts Were The Tops For 2013.

Suicide Girls Bare Bodies, Souls To Build Ideals

A Massive Following And The Emergence Of A Worldwide Community Have Flowed To The "Suicide Girls" Website Thanks To Sex Appeal And Women Who Seek To Expand The Notion of What Is Beautiful.

Of Hobbes, Labor, Community, The Dollar And Legal Narcotics

Where Does The Line Of Moral Responsibility Lie In The Context Of Day Workers And Their Foremen Who Might Create Hazards In The Community By Tacitly Approving After Work Liquor Binges?

Beware Of ISPs And Ad-Hoc Constant Flux Networks

Through Film, Reporting And Public Policy, More Internet Users Are Learning That The Information Superhighway Is A Lot Like Traditional Highways In That They Need To Be Free For Everyone And Controlled By The People.

Dialing In Jay Mohr

Actor, Comedian, Sports Aficionado, And Radio Personality Sits Down With Uber-Fan (Who Also Happens To Write For Modern Times) As They Ponder Many Things, Including Whether Yasiel Already Won Survivor.

Mexican Journalists ‘Stupid’ To Fight Drug Scourge

Even Though (Or Because) At Least 28 Working Journalists Have Been Killed In Mexico Since 1992, Most News Organizations Survive By Avoiding Drug Related Activity.

Icarus Interstellar To Hold Inaugural Starship Conference

Everyone Works And Everyone Earns To Varying Degrees, But The Means By Which Labor, Currency And Value Are Acquired Can Create Vectors Of Random Sensibilities.

Dig Comics Fights To Save Comics Industry

Miguel Cima, Creator Of Renowned Documentary On The Comic Books Industry Seeks To Further Reveal Misunderstood, And Rarely Told, Behind The Scenes Truths.

Talking Memory With Marilu Henner

Star Of Film And Screen Who Made Her First Mark On Taxi Talks About The Benefits Of Having A Great Memory And Her Own Seemingly Magical Talents.

Nation/World Prime Cuts 2012

The Top Seven Most Read Articles Include An Analysis Of ALEC, An Examination Of Climate Change, A Squinting Look Up At The Eyes In The Sky, And More.

A Writer Leaves His Heart In San Francisco

An Important Moment Of Growth For A Young Writer Turns Into a Weekend Of Introspection Amid The Blissfully Elegant Delights Of The City By The Bay.

One Man’s HIV/AIDS Story

Sean Reaney, Diagnosed With HIV/AIDS Over Two Decades Ago, Has Survived Through The Trials And Tribulations Of Treatments, Medications and Stigmas.

Gary Johnson Brings Libertarianism To Nation

Former New Mexico Governor Dismisses Long-Shot Status, Seeks To Be Allowed To Debate Front-Runners In Upcoming Debates.

Caravan Brings Drug Debate To The U.S.

The Trans-Border Caravan For Peace And Justice Begins Trek Across The U.S., Brings A Diverse Collection Of Voices Against War On Drugs.

Arizonans Witness Violent NATO Protests

Several Phoenix-Area Protesters Who Travelled To Chicago For The NATO Summit Recount Violent, Bloody Actions By Police.

Inspiring Herbivoracious-ness

Emerging Foodie, Blogger, And First-Time Author Michael Natkin Seeks To Neutralize Negative Perceptions Of Vegetarian Eats.

FAA Drone Rules: A Privacy Enigma

Although Predators and Reapers Are Getting The Most Attention, Other Types Will Have More Of An Impact Because Of Cost, Capability.

Nation/World Prime Cuts 2011

Republican Presidential Race, Whitey Bulger And High Altitude Airships Top Our List Of This Year’s Stories.

What Happened At ALEC’s Arizona Conference?

After The Corporations, Protesters and Legislators Have Gone Home, Little Is Known About The Latest Model Bills.

Military Life, Part Three: Life After Service

Jobs And Healthcare Are The Main Concerns For Those Transitioning Out of Active Military Service.

Military Life, Part Two: Pay And Benefits

Paying Military Benefits Is The Country’s Price For Freedom.

Military Life, Part One: Training And Service

Active-Duty Military Personnel Face Constant Training, Danger, Extended Periods Away From Home.

Did High Altitude Airship Set World Record?

Despite The Worthiness Of The Public Relations Effort, Tandem Is Not Much Of An Achievement.

The Dieting Dilemma

Health Experts Say Losing Pounds Is More About Sustainability And Avoiding Trendy Diet Plans.

Yuma Test Of Border Blimp Hits Snag

World Surveillance Group’s ‘Argus One’ High Altitude Airship Is Torn As Craft Is Moved Into Hanger.

HAA Summer: Surveilling Airships Put To Test

The Lockheed Martin Craft Is Brought Down After A Few Hours and World Surveillance Group Delays Arizona Tests.

Surveillance Airships Readied in Arizona, Ohio

World Surveillance Group and Lockheed Martin Are Leading The Pack In The Race For Persistent Surveillance For Border, Military Applications.

A New Face For Constitutionalists

Bryce Shonka of the Tenth Amendment Center discusses why limiting federal power is a good idea and why in order for the effort to succeed, a broad coalition must come together.

Third Party Roadmap

Although they have had little impact in past elections, the Libertarian, Green and Constitution parties hope to capitalize on disenfranchisement of the American electorate by making their marks in 2012.

Winds of Power

Wind farms have been popping up throughout the country over the past several years, and while it is a plus for the environment, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Depending on where they are sited, wind farms can create clutter on military, weather and air-traffic control radars.

Can a Giant Blimp Fix Border?

High Altitude Airships are gaining ever-increasing support from military, security and corporate interests. Why? They can potentially hover over an area for months and provide complete, rewind-able surveillance.

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The Blizzard That Never Was

A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

Dietary Restructure

A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.