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Political Profundity: Bon Jour
As Trump Goes To The G7

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Donald Trump Takes A Trip To France Right After A Major Dip To The Stock Market And Proceeds To Drag The Political Bottom, Including Suggesting That Putin And Russia Should Rejoin The G7


By Karen Weil and John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 28, 2019 — The G7 summit has just ended, with the U.S. not making any meaningful impact, other than showing Donald Trump’s continued fealty to Vladimir Putin.

Russia was removed from inter-governmental political forum five years ago after invading Crimea; Trump pressed for the nation to be readmitted, but other leaders said no.

Other G7 leaders, especially France’s President Emmanuel Macron, who met with Trump, took a different approach in terms of solutions to the climate crisis and other pressing issues. In the meantime, the Trump’s tariff war continues to rattle the U.S. economy and the Amazon rainforest burns at an ever-greater rate.

Because Trump seems incapable of handling either crisis (or any other issue, for that matter), there are growing, public concerns about his mental fitness. On top of that, the president now has a primary challenger from the right: former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (no, not the venerated rock guitarist). There are other domestic problems needing serious leadership, including the water crisis in Newark, New Jersey. In today’s podcast, Modern Times’ John Guzzon and Karen Weil discuss these challenges and more. 

(All start times are approximate.)

Item No. 1: Trump’s Tariff War Finally Goes Off. Begins at 2:00. Read more at Wikipedia; NBC News; CNBC.

Item No. 2: TPP would have been better than tariffs. Begins at 14:00. Read more at CBS News The Hill

Item No. 3: Mr. Trump Goes to Biarritz. Begins at 24:00. Read more at New York Post; VOX; The Associated Press; Digby's Blog.

Item No. 4: Is Trump mentally unfit? Begins at 38:00. Read more at The Washington Post.

Item No. 5: Challengers Await Trump in GOP Presidential primaries. Begins at 44:00. Read more at VOX.

Item No. 6: The Amazon is burning. Begins at 56:00. Read more at CNET; The Atlantic.

Item No. 7: In other bad environmental news (for the U.S.): Begins at 1:05:00. Read more at CNN.

Item No. 8: Hong Kong protests continue and an iconic image emerges. Begins at 1:09:00. See the image at The New York Times.
Political Profundity: Bon Jour As Trump Goes To The G7
Donald Trump takes a trip to France right after a major dip to the stock market and proceeds to drag the political bottom, including suggesting that Putin and Russia should rejoin the G-7. Also, Newark's water and a Hong Kong photo of note. — Aug. 28, 2019
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