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Political Profundity: Violence,
Partisanship Strike Again

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Gilroy, Calif., Becomes Latest Victim; Mueller And Impeachment; Coats' Departure; Boris Seizes U.K.; Trump Goes Low To Get Base High


By John Guzzon and Karen Weil
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 1, 2019 — This past weekend was a deadly one, with mass shootings in Chicago; Gilroy, California; and Philadelphia — all of them tragic examples of out-of-control gun violence in the United States.

Last week, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III made two points clear to anyone who paid attention: That Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, and that Trump obstructed justice during an investigation of that interference. 

Despite what some mainstream media pundits and journalists claimed, Mueller’s testimony made an impression, and now over 100 Democrats in the House of Representatives support an impeachment hearing, with the goal of holding Trump accountable. Trump, in turn, did his best to distract by spewing racism about one prominent American city (for the usual transactional reasons).

In the meantime, concerns are growing over Trump’s pick for national intelligence director, a Republican Congressman with zero experience in that sector. If that weren’t enough, the United Kingdom now has a prime minister who seems every bit as bad as Trump: Boris Johnson.

In today’s podcast, Modern Times’ John Guzzon and Karen Weil discuss these events.

Topic No. 1: Gun Violence Strikes in Gilroy, Calif. Read more at CNN, CBS Chicago and Action News 6 Philadelphia.

Topic No. 2: Impeachment Support Grows After Mueller Testimony. Read more at Politico, The Las Vegas Sun, and The Atlantic.

Topic No. 3: Dan Coats’ Departure as DNI. Read more at Vanity Fair, and Politico

Topic No. 4: Boris Johnson Becomes U.K. Prime Minister. Read more at The Daily Beast, and The Wall Street Journal.

Topic No. 5: Trump Attacks Cummings To Distract Us From Reality. Read more at Politico, and The Atlantic.
Political Profundity: Violence, Partisanship Strike Again
Gilroy, Calif., becomes latest victim; Mueller and impeachment; Coats' departure; Boris seizes U.K.; Trump goes low to get base high. — Aug. 1, 2019
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