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Political Profundity:
Our National Tragedies

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Kids Become Political Pawns, Trump at G-20; Mueller To Testify, Stephanie Grisham, SCOTUS Rules On Gerrymandering, Census


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

June 30, 2019 — Independence Day is almost here, but there seems at times very little reason to celebrate the United States’ 243 birthday, given the Trump administration’s shameful policy towards migrant families (especially the children). Meanwhile, Democratic candidates for president  discussed that and other serious issues during debates held last week in Miami while Trump attended the G-20 Summit and as usual, received diplomacy reviews that were far from laudatory.  

July will also bring fireworks of another kind to Washington D.C., when Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller testifies before the House and Judiciary committees on the July 17 regarding Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s alleged role in obstructing justice surrounding the investigation.  Trump’s new press secretary — who has an Arizona connection — will undoubtedly respond to the ensuing uproar. In this installment of the Political Profundity podcast, Modern Times Magazine’s John Guzzon and Karen Weil break down another incredible week of news. 

Topic No. 1: Border separations and the recent funding bill drama. Read more at BBC and NYMag.

Topic No. 2: Democratic Presidential debates. Read more at Fox10, and CNBC.

Topic No. 3: Mueller subpoenaed, will testify. Read more at NBC News.

Topic No. 4: Mr. Trump goes to the G-20. Read more at The Guardian, and Al Jazeera.

Topic No. 5: Stephanie Grisham: Trump’s new bulldog. Read more at AZCentral, and AlterNet.

Topic No. 6: SCOTUS’ BIG WEEK. Read more at New York Times, and PBS.
Political Profundity: Our National Tragedies
Kids Become Political Pawns, Trump at G-20; Mueller To Testify, Stephanie Grisham, SCOTUS Rules On Gerrymandering, Census — June 30, 2019
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