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Political Profundity: The Sphinx
Speaks About Trump

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The Now Retiring Special Counsel Robert Mueller Takes The Dais At The Justice Department And Rebukes Trump And Barr. Will It Change Anything?


By Staff
Modern Times Magazine

June 1, 2019 — This month ends with Robert Mueller speaking, Donald Trump panicking, Nancy Pelosi weighing a possible impeachment, a GOP lawmaker taking a stand and potential tariff woes.  In today’s podcast, Modern Times’ John Guzzon and Karen Weil discuss another tumultuous week.

The Trump Catastrophe
Topic No. 1: Mueller speaks, now what? Read more at NBC News and Time
Topic No. 2: Trump basically admits that Russia helped him win in 2016. Read more at and
Topic No. 3: What will Pelosi and Congress do now? Read more at, and
Topic No. 4: Amash takes a stand. Read more at and
Topic No. 5: Tariff insanity. Read more at, and
Political Profundity: The Sphinx, er, Mueller, Speaks
The now retiring Special Counsel Robert Mueller takes the dais at the Justice Department and rebukes Trump and Barr. Will it change anything? — June 1, 2019
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