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Political Profundity: The
'Exoneration' That Wasn't

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The Barr Summary Hits The Streets But Without The Full Report, Conservatives Keep Complaining And Progressives Continue To Ask To See More Evidence


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

March 29, 2019 — An incomplete summary of the Mueller Report, an unpopular president with more swagger than he actually earned and the political missteps that followed. Such was this past week for the United States, as debate rages over what’s actually in the report and what it may mean for Donald Trump, as he heads into a 2020 re-election campaign. Modern Times Publisher John Guzzon and colleague Karen Weil, MT’s editor at large, will discuss this roller coast of news.

The Barr Summary -- not the Mueller Report -- is out.
On March 24, U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced in a four-page summary that the Trump campaign didn’t collude with the Russian government to help him win the 2016 presidential election. He also announced that Trump wasn’t exonerated, either. That didn’t stop Trump from claiming otherwise, ad nauseum, all week. Congressional Democrats and most voters want the full report out now, but Barr says only a redacted version will be released. Will Americans get to learn what actually happened?

Political Profundity: The Exoneration That Wasn't
The Barr Summary hits the streets but without the full report, conservatives keep complaining and progressives continue to ask to see more evidence. — March 29, 2019
Trump steps on his own momentum and begins a vendetta
Instead of showing a smidgen of humility, Trump has been lashing out at his strongest critics since the Barr summary, including Democrat Adam Schiff, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee chairman. The president ranted and raved about Schiff and others during a Thursday rally in Michigan, but that hasn’t resulted in higher approval ratings. After being asked by Republican House members to resign from the committee, Schiff punched back, creating a memorable political moment.

A ‘victory lap’ of cruelty
Trump bungled what could have been a solid political victory this week with unpopular policy proposals: Trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (again), cutting off funding to the Special Olympics and once again obsessing over funding to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ hapless attempt to defend the Special Olympics cut, Trump claimed he didn’t support that and reversed the decision (apparently, he didn’t review the budget). However, his latest utterances on both the ACA and Puerto Rico say more about him than than the whatever problems may be associated with both issues.
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