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Political Profundity:
The Art of the Surrender

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The Partial Government Shutdown Is Over! At Least For Three Weeks. Oh, and Dirty-Trickster Roger Stone Is Arrested. Also, Drama Reigns In Venezuela, Britain


By Staff
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 25, 2019 — A shutdown that didn’t result in a wall, a longtime political operative in legal jeopardy, a plethora of Democratic presidential hopefuls and international woes. This week didn’t lack for earth-shaking news events. In Friday’s podcast, Modern Times Publisher John Guzzon and Karen Weil, editor at large, break it all down.

Trump Folds Like A Cheap Suit
The president wanted a border wall and shut down the federal government for some 35 days, causing considerable misery for some 800,000 workers and harming the U.S. economy. This morning, he announced having struck a deal with Congressional Democrats that will reopen government -- albeit for three weeks, as talks start regarding border security. As his poll ratings continue falling, Donald Trump still has no money for his wall.

Stone Cold Trouble
He’s been a dirty tricks political operative for decades, but now Republican Roger Stone is in serious trouble: Today, FBI arrested him for numerous charges, including  alleged efforts to communicate with WikiLeaks and his contacts with the Trump campaign. It seems as if his “time in the barrel” has arrived.

Political Profundity: The Art of The Surrender
The partial government shutdown is over! At least for 3 weeks. Oh, and dirty-trickster Roger Stone gets indicted, arrested as well as drama in Venezuela, Britain and much more. — Jan. 25, 2019

2020 Hopefuls
This week, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced her run for the presidency. She enters a crowded Democratic field that includes Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Rep. Julian Castro and popular Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  Will former Vice President Joe Biden  and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) also throw their hats into the ring? Are there serious GOP contenders? And will Trump even still be in office by next year?

Venezuela Chaos
These are painful, frightening times for the people of this oil-rich South American nation:  Juan Guaido, who is hoping to replace besieged leader Nicolas Maduro, is urging the military to join him. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has declared its support for Guaido. As the Venezuelan crisis deepens, how will the U.S. respond?

Brexit Mess, Part Infinity
After a recent bruising defeat in Parliament, British Prime Minister Theresa May is still hoping to forge a deal with the European Union some two years after the controversial “Brexit” vote. With the March deadline nearing for a final exit, May’s options seem to be far and few between. Meanwhile, there’s a growing chorus to hold a second referendum -- which like the 2016, could have serious consequences worldwide.
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