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Political Profundity: Another
Stick In The Border Wall

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The Border Wall Debate Has Turned Into A War And A Government Shutdown, But What Is The Real Truth and How Will It All End?


By Karen Weil
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 15, 2019 — At first Donald Trump said that if elected president, he’d build a wall as high as 55 feet across the United States border with Mexico, some 2,000 miles “of hardened concrete, rebar and steel.”

Some two years later, no such wall has materialized (even though Republicans held both the House and Senate for two years) — and Trump has fluctuated from wanted a massive concrete wall to one with “steel slats.”  He also boasted numerous times that Mexico would pay for the wall, while our neighbor to the south has it clear that it will not do any such thing.

Earlier in his presidency, Trump nixed a Congressional deal of $25 billion for a wall -- in exchange for protection for Dreamers (children born in this country to undocumented immigrants).

Shortly before Christmas last year, he began demanding the incoming Democratic majority give him $5 billion to begin building the wall.

Political Profundity: Another Stick With The Border Wall
The border wall debate has turned into a war and a government shutdown, but what is the real truth and how will it all end? — Jan. 11, 2019

When now-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made it clear that wasn’t going to happen, Trump initiated a shutdown. That is making life for 800,000 federal workers difficult, to say the least, closing national parks and affecting airline travel.

On Tuesday, Trump gave a poorly received speech from the Oval Office asking that the public support his controversial project.

As of Friday, there was no deal, leaving many to wonder which side will blink first.

In today’s podcast, Modern Times Publisher John Guzzon and Karen Weil, editor at large, discuss the complicated history and dynamics of border security, attitudes on immigration and what may really be driving Trump’s insistence on something that may never be built.
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