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Political Profundity: Bombs,
Caravans And Politics

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With Bombs Put In The Mail To Prominent Trump Opponents, The Political WOrld Has Been Turned Upside DOwn Just A Few Week Before The Midterms. Also, The Myth Of The Caravan And Senate Seat Battles


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 26, 2018 — Just three weeks after the brutal murder of prominent Saudi-American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the U.S. was again shaken by the news this week that bombs — some of them not workable, analysts said — were sent to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (the Democratic 2016 candidate) and numerous other prominent political leaders. All of them are Democrats.

These terrible events would call for a president who truly can calm fears and unify Americans, as former Presidents George W. Bush, Clinton, Obama, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did in times of crisis. However, Donald Trump seems incapable of doing so.
In this week’s podcast, Modern Times Publisher John Guzzon and Karen Weil, MT editor at large, discuss the use of stochastic terrorism and what role Trump has played in it -- and what we can learn from that.

As Election Day (Nov. 6) draws near, a lot of attention has been focused on several crucial U.S. Senate races: Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, North Dakota and Texas. Save for North Dakota — where embattled Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp fights to keep her seat — there are strong Democratic challengers to sitting Sens. Dean Heller (Nevada) and Ted Cruz (Texas).

Political Profundity: Bombs, Caravans and Politics
With bombs put in the mail to prominent Trump opponents, the political world has been turned upside down just a few weeks before the midterms. Also, the myth of the immigrant caravan and the battle for U.S. Senate seats in Arizona, Nevada. — Oct. 26, 2018
Karen and John discuss the race between Martha McSally, a Republican and Democratic hopeful Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, and how things are shaking out for both of their campaigns.

“If the migrant caravan didn’t exist, President Donald Trump might have needed to invent it,” starts out an article from Vox magazine. Thousands Central Americans, fleeing violence and crushing poverty, are travelling towards the United States without papers; some are hoping for refugee status.
This group is many hundreds of miles away, but Trump and the Republicans, nervous about possible big Democratic wins in the U.S. House and possibly the Senate next month, are using it as a wedge issue. John and Karen review the conditions that lead to so many fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and take issue with how some in the mainstream media have covered the situation.
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