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Five Points On Impeachment

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Because Impeachment Is A Not Often Used Mechanism of U.S. Governmental Systems, The Idiosyncrasies Of The Process Are Not Well Known, But It Has Been Used To Remove Leaders Worldwide


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 2, 2017 — After a disastrous meeting with Vladimir Putin last month and a continuing Mueller investigation about what his campaign knew regarding Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump remains embroiled in scandal -- but it lead to impeachment?

In this podcast, John Guzzon and Karen Weil go over the history of impeachment trials in the United States and other countries, and what it may (or may not) mean for Trump.

A political process
Impeachment just starts a trial -- but subject must then be convicted, then punished (usually by removal). Karen and John summarize how the process works in our nation and noted cases (former President Bill Clinton being one of them).

Global Templates
Impeachment happens in other democracies, as well, with Brazil and South Korea being notable examples. Our Political Profundity hosts discuss that and why those impeachment attempts were successful.

Political Profundity: Five Points on Impeachment
Talking impeachment, especially the possibility of impeaching Donald J. Trump. Also, the historical context of impeachment as well as talk about ratings. — Aug. 2, 2018

Articles Have Already Been Introduced To The U.S. House
House Democrats last year introduced articles of impeachment against Trump, but both Karen and John feel it’s too early, as the Mueller investigation isn’t finished, and how public opinion is an integral part in how impeachment proceedings -- and what may safeguards may need to be place once Trump is out of office.

The Ratings would likely be Huuuuuge!
Just like they did in 1998, there’s little doubt the American public would watch or listen to impeachment hearings, especially if it’s Trump. John and Karen stress it’s vital for Americans to be well-informed on the process.
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