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Political Profundity Podcast:
Trump, Russia And NATO

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Separating Families At The Border, Russian Interference Is Widespread, Jim Jordan Goes Defensive, And A New Supreme Court Justice Nominee Takes Center Stage


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

July 13, 2018 — During another breathless news week, there have been lots of troubling developments, and one very happy ending (the Thai boys being rescued from a cave). Modern Times’ John Guzzon and Karen Weil go over some of the biggest stories this week and offer their thoughts.

A NATO disaster?
Donald Trump went to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Brussel on July 11, and was combative from the start, calling Germany a “captive” of Russia and demanding European nations pay more. John and Karen discuss how Trump’s ignorance on how NATO works is already showing, and how that could damage a vital, decades-old alliance.

An unsettling meeting between Putin & Trump
Trump’s planned meeting next week in Helsinki, Finland with Vladimir Putin -- as the Mueller investigation continues to raise questions over whether Trump is compromised by Russia -- is raising eyebrows over what Putin might want. Karen and John discuss the meeting and echo skepticism on both men’s  motives.

Why were U.S. senators in Russia?
During the Independence Day week, six U.S. senators and one U.S. House representatives -- all Republicans -- traveled to Russia to meet with officials, reportedly to warn Russia to stay out of future U.S. elections. However, their overall stance is mixed at best, Karen and John say.

Political Profundity: NATO, Kavanaugh, Trump, Putin and Russia, Immigrant Separation
Featuring a discussion about separating families at the border, all of the Russian interference in the U.S. and a few other important tidbits including Jim Jordan. — July 13, 2018

Kavanaugh: A good nominee … or no?   
U.S. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a long-time GOP operative, is Trump’s choice to succeed Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court -- but given Kavanaugh’s background, what is the real motive here? John and Karen have some theories.

Jim Jordan's very bad week (and the hypocrisy of the GOP)  
Known for his strident conservative views and almost slavish devotion to Trump, Jim Jordan is now embroiled in a serious scandal: He’s accused of looking the other way -- as an assistant coach -- as Ohio State wrestlers were sexually abused by a former team doctor. John and Karen call out Jordan and the Republican Party for their hypocrisy on this disturbing situation.

Migrant families in the balance
A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the Trump administration reunite dozens of separated migrant children ASAP. As this crisis continues into its second month, Karen and John discuss why the Trump wants this cruel policy and how the nation must respond.
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