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Donald Trump, Immigration And
The Failed Separation Experiment

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A Discussion About Separating Families At The Border And Its Place In History As Well As Erdogan, Tariffs, North Korea, And The 2018 Election


By Staff
Modern Times Magazine

June 26, 2018 -- It was another chaotic week for the Trump administration as it dealt with massive public pushback over the president’s chaotic policy on Central American refugees. With the fate of over 2,000 children of those immigrants still unclear as of Monday, Modern Times’ John Guzzon and Karen Weil discuss this crisis in this edition of the Political Profundity Podcast, along with international events that may do even more damage to the United States’ international standing.

North Korea Summit: Meh!
After meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12, President Trump recently claimed last week that North Korea had already begun to denuclearize -- but there seems to be no real evidence of that. Karen and John pointed out that, basically, the U.S. gave away far more than it received any meaningful benefits and as more time passes, this summit appears to have been a publicity stunt.

The business community is not thrilled with Trump’s latest round of tariffs, which have already resulted in Harley Davidson announcing it will ship some jobs out of the U.S. Karen and John discussed not only the effects on the American economy, but how it may further push major trading partners like the European Union into China’s orbit.

Political Profundity: Donald Trump, Immigration And The Failed Separation Experiment
Featuring a discussion about separating families at the border, its place in history as well as Erdogan, tariffs, North Korea, and the 2018 election. — June 26, 2018

Despite considerable opposition, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s win this week in Turkey may further consolidate his grip on that nation, considered a vital link between Europe and the Middle East. John and Karen talked about how this probably won’t decrease wariness on the parts of European leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel. Turkey’s NATO membership also further complicates matters.

Supreme Court decisions and Election 2018
With the general election less than five months away -- Republican control of Congress means Trump will most likely not be held accountable for various legal and ethical violations -- the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings on gerrymandering in North Carolina and Texas has serious ripple effects. John and Karen discuss what happens now, and how the public could respond.

Donald Trump, Immigration and The Separation Experiment
With outrage over the Trump administration’s policy of family separation for refugees from Central America reaching a tipping point (including Trump officials being publicly shamed), Karen and John discussed how this really is hurting Trump politically, and is yet another example of him appealing to his base, no matter how much it damage it does to the nation.
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