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Political Profundity: Trump,
Comedy and #RedForEd

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Reading The Tea Leaves From California's Primaries, Looking At Manafort's Fate, And The End Of The American Bikini


By Staff
Modern Times Magazine

June 7, 2018 — The Modern Times Magazine Podcast: Political Profundity is back and talking about the political landscape. This go-around, the focus is on Trump — of course — as well as how the 2018 primaries in California reflects the national mood for November.

Also, has #MeToo turned the Miss America pageant into a new type of empowerment?

Primary Election Day across California, Miss. and other crucial states
Results from Tuesday’s election in seven states -- Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota -- could be proverbial game changers for this November, John and Karen said.

They added that even though Democrats sense opportunity in what were previously considered Republican strongholds in California and New Jersey, California’s “jungle primary” system may end up benefiting the state GOP more. They also discussed how the Mississippi election might just yield some surprises.

Paul Manafort -- witness tamperer? More Russiagate madness
As Russiagate continues -- and further details trickle out about the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russian intelligence officials to swing the 2016 election -- the stakes for Trump and his legal team grow ever more. From an brazen letter sent to special counsel Robert Mueller over this past weekend -- basically declaring that Trump is not beholden to any rule of law -- to former campaign chairman Paul Manafort now being accused of witness tampering, Karen and John discuss how Trump may react to try and save himself. They also highlight a blistering column from David Corn, of the Nation, about how Trump is being protected.

Political Profundity: Primaries, Manfort, Migrants, And Miss America's Bikinis
Reading the tea leaves from California's primaries, looking at Manafort's fate, and the end of the American bikini — June 7, 2018

The missing migrant children:  
For several weeks, Americans have been asking this question: “Where are the children?” (U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley even traveled down to a detention center to find out what’s going on.) The Trump administration has come under fierce criticism for allowing the separation of migrant children from their parents -- many of whom are from war-torn nations such as Guatemala and Honduras -- caught crossing the U.S. border. Karen and John expressed dismay with this policy, and speculate why Trump is allowing this to happen.

Cultural changes with Miss America, women in entertainment and fashion industry
The Miss America organization’s decision to scrap the oft-debated swimsuit competition was big news on Tuesday, and reflected how the #MeToo movement is not only influencing the pageant world, but pop culture as well. John and Karen discuss how this decision, along with how groundbreaking shows like Orange Is The New Black, This Is Us and Dietland feature actresses who don’t fit the anorexic Hollywood stereotype. They also debate whether this cultural shift is here to stay.
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