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Political Profundity: Trump,
Comedy and #RedForEd

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Educators In Arizona Take A Stand By Taking A Walk, While In Washington and Beyond, Trump Still Can’t Catch A Break And Over In The Middle East, The Battle Rages


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

May 3, 2018 — It seems as it the #RedforEd teacher’s strike has worked, with the state Legislature passing a raise package on Thursday (May 3). In the MT podcast, John and Karen discussed how Arizona taxpayers in this red/purple state have responded favorably. Also on the docket for the podcast is the nuclear programs and negotiations in North Korea and Iran, White House Correspondents Dinner and the many issues of Donald Trump.

Educators Rally In AZ
#RedForEd, and how recent strikes in West Virginia and Kentucky have called the nation’s attention to public educators’ low salaries and the public -- perhaps also in reaction to a toxic Trump presidency, based on other protests since 2017 -- is supportive of paying more for better public education.

Iran/North Korea deal status
An historic meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea on April 27 was considered the first step in normalizing relations between the two nations -- but will North Korea’s Kim Jong-un meet with Donald Trump as planned? Karen expressed skepticism that Trump will achieve anything meaningful, while both she and John dismissed the claims that Trump would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu on April 30 claimed that Iran has not held up its end of an agreement with the United States to curtail its nuclear program. Trump would like to end that deal; Karen and John discuss what that could mean for the U.S. and Iran.

Political Profundity: Trump, Comedy and #RedforEd
Arizona teachers take a stand, while in Washington and beyond, Trump still can't shake his 2016 victory and the Middle East still roils. — May 3, 2018

WHCA uproar and faux outrage
As cable news and major news sites expressed shock over comedian Michelle Wolf’s take-no-prisoners presentation at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, Karen and John expressed amusement at how the mainstream media, given its enabling of Donald Trump since 2015, now take offense. They also say that what really bothers MSM types is that Wolf’s barbs hit far too close to home. This dust-up, both said, is especially trivial when people consider the horrifying April 30 suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed 60 people (nine of them journalists). This tragedy is a reminder that outside of the Beltway media bubble that there are men and women who risk their lives every day around the world to cover the news.

From question leaks to VA director fail, another bad week for Trump
It’s unclear whether he will testify before special counsel Robert Mueller, but John and Karen argue that news of leaked questions is yet another example that the Russia Gate, no matter how much Trump or GOP supporters want it to, isn’t going away. Trump’s health yet again is a controversial topic after his longtime physician, Harold Bornstein, told the media that Trump’s former bodyguard raided Bornstein’s office last year and took medical records -- and that Trump dictated a letter claiming his health was perfect. John and Karen also discussed how the White House completely botched an attempt to make presidential doctor Ronny Jackson director of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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