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July 4 Means Independence
And A Whole Lot More

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Five Points On One Of The Biggest U.S. Holidays: Why July 2 Was Considered The Birthdate Of Independence, And How The Document Became One Of The Most Quoted Of All Time
By John Guzzon and Karen Weil
Modern Times Magazine
July 4, 2017 — Americans and July 4 are synonymous.
Why we recognize that otherwise irrelevant day — individual freedom protected by the state — is a landmark moment in world history. Ask nearly anyone around the globe and they recognize July 4.
But do we REALLY know the declaration OR why July 4 is important beyond that famous year of 1776?
Sure, we all know the Declaration of Independence grants us Americans life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all time, but, in reality, it doesn’t.
Okay, then, we all know that July 4 was the day the colonies declared their independence, right? Sorry, wrong again.
See, we may all like fireworks, beer and barbecue, but we may not really know what we are celebrating.
Hence a new Five Points article and podcast that may just make you sound smart with your family, friends and coworkers.
So go hear to listen and also read below, in a VERY particular order.

Five Points: July 4 and Independence Day
July 4 means Independence Day, but it means much more than that, including the start of unalienable rights and a lasting legacy. — July 3, 2017
Point No. 1
The writers of the Declaration and founders of the Republic thought July 2 would actually be the date memorialized in the future.
Point No. 2
It is perhaps the most influential political (or maybe document of any kind) of all time.
Point No. 3
There were a few things many people thought we hypocritical about the Declaration of Independence.
Point No. 4
The impact of the Declaration of Independence to our current, modern times, is merely that the Constitution took some of its ideas: it won’t help bolster secessionist arguments.
Point No. 5
July 4 over the ages is not just a Declaration of Independence celebration, but a seemingly noted day.

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