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Grade-A Prime Cuts 2016

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The Most-Read Stories In 2016 Across All Of Modern Times Magazine Include Five Local Bands, Movie Remake Obsession, Lucille Ball And A Look At Herbalife


By John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 9, 2017 — These are the Grade-A prime cuts for Modern Times Magazine in 2016.

As the publisher of this fine publication, they are more than just the most read articles and stories of the past year. To me, they are akin to our success because they show that we as a staff are making an impact each and every day on thousands of lives.

And, these articles are some of the best we accomplished in 2016. Four of the five in the Grade-A prime cuts are articles written by regular contributors: Associate Managing Editor Wayne Schutsky, senior contributor Ryan Scott, Joey Hancock as well as David Fantle and Tom Johnson.

New contributor Mike Sallustio did the other Grade-A prime cut, The Truth Behind Hollywood's Remake Obsession. A new butcher is good now and then.

But as I look over this “best of the best” from the pages from 2016, it makes me extremely grateful to work with such a wonderful team. Schutsky, Scott, Hancock, Karen Weil and Morganna are a treat.

Thanks for all you do, folks, and for imbuing the team with your skills.

Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2017, and for us to get there together.

No. 5 — Five Local Bands Set To Hit It Big In 2016

The Arizona local music scene has seen serious highs and serious lows over the years, but 2016 saw a handful of artists found a way to rise above the noise and become part of a larger conversation. Modern Times contributor Ryan Scott looked at some of these artists, like the Ned Flanders inspired, Simpsons loving band Okilly Dokilly, did so with a gimmick (It is worth noting that the video for their first single “White Wine Spritzer” now has more than 1 million views on YouTube). Others, like Jared & the Mill, did so the old fashioned way with hard work, a ton of persistence and dedication to their craft. The rest of these five acts, Bear Ghost, Fairy Bones and Harrison Fjord, all have something that larger audiences seem to be latching onto. These are five local Arizona bands that are poised to do bigger things in the future and since this article was published, all of them have made big strides toward bigger things. This article serves as a very fascinating bit of hindsight for anyone who likes these artists or for those who have yet to discover them. Read more —>

Modern Times contributor Mike Sallustio did what needed to be done this year. He talked about Hollywood’s current obsession with remakes and really dug into the subject, helping those not totally plugged into the movie-making world understand why this trend is going on. This may be something that changes in the future with movies like Ghostbusters tanking at the box office in 2016, but for now at least, remakes aren’t going anywhere and Mike does a fine job of trying to discover the “truth” behind this obsessive trend in Hollywood. Whether you’re one of the people that loves these remakes or if you’re one of the people who is begging for Hollywood to do something original, this piece definitely has something to offer. Read more —>

No. 3 — Having Less Than A Ball With Lucy

Even though it has been decades since I Love Lucy, the lady, the myth, the legend that was Lucille Ball remains a truly treasured part of American pop culture. That being the case, the Reel to Real guys really struck a ‘loving’ nerve this year with their piece on the red headed Hollywood icon. Not only do contributors David Fantle and Tom Johnson do a great recap of Ball’s journey on screen, but the interview is simply gripping, even if the guys did stumble a bit in the beginning. It is something that we loved just as much as our readers seemed to. If nothing else, this piece proves that sometimes the old is much more fascinating than the new. That actually leads quite nicely into our second entry on our list. Read more —>

No. 2 — The Imaginarium Of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp came to Arizona State University. Bedlam ensued. Well, maybe not bedlam, but many of you Johnny and ASU fans read the story. He was here because he teamed up with Dr. Lawrence Krauss to discuss find the creativity in madness and how those two ideas can merge into something lasting and memorable. If only his marriage had listened.

No. 1 — A Look At Herbalife And Multi-Level Marketing

People may not be familiar with the term “multi-level marketing,” but odds are they’ve seen one or more businesses that use the murky model to attract users and sell product: Beachbody, Herbalife, Doterra and Young Living, litter social media accounts as their acolytes attempt to convince friends and family to buy into the latest weight loss or beauty or holistic medicinal trends. As the saying goes, “buyer beware.”
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