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Modern Times Magazine’s
Nation/World Prime Cuts 2016

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Some Of The Most-Read Stories In 2016 On National And International Issues Include A Look At Herbalife, CD Collections, GMOs And A Story About A Boy From 1861


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 5, 2017 — It’s a new year but some problems will likely never go away.

Pyramid schemes, for example. Or what to do with the hundreds of compact discs that litter a shelf somewhere in the house. Or, how about concussions? They don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, either.

So, it must be of little surprise that the aforementioned topics were among the most read stories on

Without further ado...

No. 5 — A Boy Of 1861

Tom Johnson, who is one-half of the Reel to Real guys who used to be regular contributors to Modern Times Magazine until they got a new book deal, pitched this great, in-depth article about a Civil War memoir he has curated for decades. It is both a gripping insight into one of the most horrific times in our nation’s history and also a heart-warming tale of a man who wouldn’t give in until the manuscript was in the correct hands.

Perhaps reflecting America’s mood after an incredibly unpleasant  election, pop culture is fascinated with moral ambiguity. It pervades every aspect of film, television and literature. A concussion expert talks to Modern Times and breaks down the popular Daredevil Netflix show and discusses the ways that vigilantism And entertainment spur on the concussion epidemic
.

No. 3 — Digging Deep With A GMO Food Expert

When it comes to genetically modified foods there’s a lot of incendiary rhetoric that gets thrown around.  GMOs or GM foods). Brian Nadon, a doctoral student at the University of Georgia’s Institute for Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics (who works with companies that make GM soybean, switchgrass and others) spoke with Modern Times about this complicated subject.

No. 2 — Still Have A CD Collection? Adjust To Modern Methods

It is a very interesting time right now for music fans. Digital music services such as Tidal and YouTube Music Key are getting more exclusives and splintering the streaming business even further. There are numerous ways for music lovers to get their favorite tunes, and those include streaming services, a high-res music player and your own mobile phone.

No. 1 — A Look At Herbalife And Multi-Level Marketing

People may not be familiar with the term “multi-level marketing,” but odds are they’ve seen one or more businesses that use the murky model to attract users and sell product: Beachbody, Herbalife, Doterra and Young Living, litter social media accounts as their acolytes attempt to convince friends and family to buy into the latest weight loss or beauty or holistic medicinal trends. As the saying goes, “buyer beware.”
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The Blizzard That Never Was

A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

Dietary Restructure

A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.