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Xbox One Or PS4 Now

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The Xbox One console, shown with the controller and the Kinect. Released in 2013 in North America and select markets, it is the third video game console made by Microsoft and succeeds the Xbox 360.
Image retrieved from wikimedia commons.

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming console made by Sony. Released on 11-15-2013 in North America it is an eighth generation system and competes with the Microsoft Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U. This console is shown with the DualShock 4 controller that is included with the system.
Image retrieved from wikimedia commons.
Now Is The Time For Even The Most Casual Gamers to Abandon Obsolete Consoles And Invest In The Newest And Most Functional Machines Available


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

Dec. 1, 2015 — The Xbox 360 recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and the Playstation 3 is hot on its heels with the celebrated console’s 10-year anniversary coming up next year. While both gaming consoles are undoubtedly iconic, now is the perfect time for any of you still rocking a last generation gaming console (even a later released, updated version), to dip a toe into the future and pick up an Xbox One or a Playstation 4.

Sorry Wii U supporters, but being that the console has dramatically underperformed sales wise, has very little support from outside game developers, coupled with the fact that Nintendo is already rumored to be releasing a new console as soon as next year, at best the Wii’s successor is a supplementary console.

It is a completely reasonable, and probably very wise, decision to not buy a new gaming console as soon as they are released (again, sorry Wii U). Launch consoles come with inflated price tags, very few games and often have glitches and significant problems that need to be worked out. That being said, both the Xbox One and the PS4 have been out for two years now, and those launch-day concerns are far from being an issue anymore.

Also, being that Black Friday has ushered in the holiday shopping season, it is worth mentioning that both consoles’ price points are very desirable for consumers right now. Various retailers were offering both Xbox One and PS4 bundles for $299 on Black Friday, which represents a $50 price drop, and thrifty consumers will likely be able to find more holiday deals as retailers compete for the holiday shopping crowd. These holiday season bundles generally include an extra game or two, a controller and other such items that make facing the insanity at major retailers potentially worth traversing.

However, it is a completely understandable sentiment to not want to deal with the holiday sales chaos just for a good deal. Luckily, both Sony and Microsoft have made the everyday prices of their respective consoles more desirable than they were even six months ago.

First of all, both systems are going for $349, and both come with at least one or more games and accessories. As 1990s gamers will tell you, bundle deals were not always standard practice, and they make the prospect of shelling out nearly $400 after tax for a new console much more appealing.

Secondly, dwindling support for previous generation consoles affects even casual gamers. The new, and allegedly very fun, games such as Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront and future Assassin's Creed titles will not be coming to the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Unless you are content playing the back catalog forever, this will be a problem.

More to that point, with the latest update to the Xbox One console, the system has now (finally) enabled backwards compatibility for 360 games, and the PS4 is working toward a similar update as well. So, you can keep your old games and play them on the newer systems.

Even the most casual gamers will also be able to appreciate the fact that next generation consoles are built for so much more than gaming. They are jampacked multimedia devices that can simplify one’s overall media experience. The Xbox One even allows for cable or standard TV streaming on the device, so the user can switch from Netflix to video games to HGTV without ever having to switch devices.

Now, for the not so casual gamer who has yet to make the jump for some reason, excuses are really running out. As Microsoft has boldly proclaimed in some recent commercials, the Xbox One allows you to “play the best games lineup in Xbox history.” Sony could easily say the same for its lineup on PS4, but the company is apparently less in your face about its improved catalog. With Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Phantom Pain all dropping recently (to mostly stellar critic and fan reviews, I might add), it is really hard to ignore.

And for those that think it cannot get better, the upcoming video game release schedule for 2016 proves you wrong. Next year’s potential lineup has all signs pointing to the unreasonably delightful onslaught of gaming goodness not slowing down one bit.

At this point, it’s obvious. Even the most casual gamer needs to buy a new system.

Now, when it comes to the question of which system to buy, the decision is a bit more difficult to answer. Both systems are obviously very capable, and it is probably time to buy either one if you already haven't. There are very few exclusives in terms of game titles anymore, so it comes down to personal preferences, which for many comes down to something like deciding between Halo or Uncharted. Also, a controller preference or something relatively arbitrary like that could affect your decision.

The differences between Sony and Microsoft in this current generation of gaming consoles are so slim compared to the last itineration of those systems that which one you ultimately choose really comes down to the tiny things. Last generation, Playstation priced a lot of people out of the market (with a launch day price of $599). The Xbox 360, on the other hand, had a ton of technical issues, such as the infamous red ring of death. Exclusive titles were slightly more important in that time as well, and there were massive differences in terms of multimedia and online use.

With Xbox One and PS4, that simply isn’t the case. So, in the end, which gaming console you choose does not matter as much as simply choosing one.

Both the current generation Sony and Microsoft consoles are a big upgrade in terms of hardware. Both devices offer almost identical options in terms of media streaming, and both consoles have similar benefit programs (Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus). They each offer free games on a monthly basis and a ton of other perks that make the price tag even more appealing. The differences are negligible for anyone who has waited this long to ‘get into the game.’ Pun intended.

To look at it another way, one could have gone shopping on Black Friday and picked up both the Xbox One and the PS4 for the same cost of a PS3 on its launch day back in 2006. No matter the console, though, one thing to consider is that anyone willing to make the investment will want to get his/her money's worth.

With both consoles being two years old, before we know it, both Sony and Microsoft will be sharing their plans for their next consoles. That means we have have less than a decade before a new generation of consoles arrives (complete with insane launch day prices and bugs that need fixing).

By buying either an Xbox One or PS4 now, consumers will ensure that the money will be spent on a contemporary console that will still have plenty of life in it.

Also, doesn’t Fallout 4 look like a ton of fun?

Ryan Scott is a contributor to Modern Times Magazine.
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