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Stormtrooper Fiat Has

Plenty of Forcepower

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Custom-painted, Star Wars stormtrooper-inspired Fiat 500.

Custom-interior of the Star Wars inspired Fiat 500.
Disney And Lucasfilm Partnered With Fiat To Create a One-Of-A-Kind Storm Trooper-Themed Fiat 500 To Promote the Upcoming Release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

Nov. 19, 2015 - With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens right around the corner, Disney and Lucasfilm are doing everything they can to remind everyone on the planet that isn’t a diehard fan that there is, in fact, a new Star Wars film coming to the big screen.

Obviously, the marketing strategy includes boatloads of trailers, merchandise, interviews and ticket presales that will absolutely demolish records for a feature film. But that’s not all. Lucasfilm also decided to team up with North American automaker FCA US to display a custom-painted, stormtrooper-inspired Fiat 500 at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“The exterior livery of the Fiat 500e stormtrooper is inspired by the armor of the First Order Legion, with a two-tone black and white custom painting of the car body. The windshield and the side windows are wrapped to bring out the immediately recognizable visor and helmet of the First Order stormtrooper. Inside, everything is in black and white, too, with total custom front and rear seats upholstered in leather and Alcantara®,” said the company in a statement.

The vehicle also features a Star Wars logo on the dash and the First Order insignia on the steering wheel. For those not familiar, the First Order that the company is referring to is essentially the new version of the Galactic Empire that will be the main adversary of the protagonists in The Force Awakens.

The First Order stormtroopers look very similar to the classic ones from the original trilogy but have a bit sleeker design and a few updates that FCA used for its Star Wars-inspired Fiat 500.

As of right now, it isn’t clear what the company is planning to do with the vehicle after the press obligations for the film are done or if Fiat will wind up producing a limited run of these stormtrooper cars in the future. In any case, fans will certainly be clamoring to take a look at the custom ride.

This onslaught of teasers, movie tie-ins and cross-promotional products will likely come to an end when Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally hits theaters on Dec. 18.

Ryan Scott is a contributor to Modern Times Magazine.
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