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Grade A

Prime Cuts 2014

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Some Say The Cream Rises To Top And Others That The Nest Of The Best Are The Cream Of The Crop. Forget The Milk And Let’s Get To The Meat With The Grade A Prime Cuts Of 2014


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 17, 2015 — The writing is the heart of the matter at Modern Times Magazine and as usual, our Grade A Prime Cuts are what the analogy paints: the best writing meat available.

Content is called “The King” and as usual the King is the King because he deserves it. As such, the most read stories of each year are always well-written, fun and informative.

So in the spirit of skipping pre-meal prayers, let’s dig in to the Grade A Prime Cuts!

No. 11 “Arizona, Keep The Focus On Ursula Ore”

When ASU professor Ursula Ore was arrested and accosted in downtown Tempe this spring, it became some heavy news until she agreed to a misdemeanor to keep herself out of jail — potentially if she was convicted of assault on a police officer.

We covered her appearance in court just before the Fourth of July weekend and our publisher and editor gave our opinion on Ore’s plight. Read More

No. 10 “Going Deep Over Deep Purple’s New Tour”

Regular contributor Joe Lopez has been part of the metal scene since the biggest bands in the land had hair bigger than Divine and pants tighter than Joan Jett. But when he heard Deep Purple was heading to town, he was at first apprehensive.

“Maybe my apprehension was due to the KISS fiasco I witnessed. It would have been more than this man could take to see another legendary band fall from grace within a week ... However, enter Now What? the latest opus of the Purple ones. It is there best in decades and they are not afraid to show it. Producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper) gave them a great sound with this project.”

Needless to say, he had a great time. Read More

No. 9 “McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2015 Lineup”

McDowell Mountain Music Festival hosted their lineup announcement party a few weeks ago, and it seems like 2015 is going to be MMMF’s best year ever. Obviously, every festival tries to out do itself every year but just looking at the names that Wespac Construction was able to draw to Margaret T. Hance Park for the late March festival alone says that the regional festival maybe considering a jump up to the national level.

2015’s lineup shows MMMF’s new appreciation for electronic music with a lineup that features way more DJ’s and EDM than 2014. It’s quite obvious that EDM and jam bands go together. The repetitive groove based music styles are incredibly similar, so for a festival looking to bring out the deadheads and the Candy Kids, mixing in a little of both was definitely a great idea. Read More

No. 8 “The Night Porsha O. Stole The Show”

October brought the long anticipated International World Poetry Slam to the Phoenix metro and the promises and dedication of Lawn Gnome publishing owner Aaron Johnson did not go for naught. For on that Saturday night in Tempe, a mad and sweet woman known by many as Porsha O. got up on stage and won the hearts of the audience.

“She used many different methods on her way to being awarded the title of Individual World Poetry Slam 2014 champion: whispers, screams, emphatic urgings, logic, analogy and wordsmithing. While many of her competitors did the same things, Porsha O. (real last-name Olayiwola) seemed to have the title wrapped up early and in fact, her first two performances nearly brought down the house. Her third performance was akin to a victory lap” Read More

No. 7 “Ray Rice Should Be Knocked Out, Too”

The No. 1 story in the Sports section of Modern Times Magazine in 2014 was when writer Wayne Schutsky took a stand when Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens.

“Rice needs to get knocked out from professional football in order to send a message that no one — and especially not athletes who get millions to play a game — should resort to physical force when disagreements arise. Read More

No. 6 “Summer Ends Music Disaster”

Summer Ends Music Festival was more or less a complete disaster for everyone involved.

The first day was woefully under attended, day two was moved to The Marquee Theater after “destructive weather” decimated the festival’s main stage, and day three featured a 10-hour day at the Marquee which is definitely one of the least comfortable places on the planet. But the most important fact to take away is that SEMF was not a festival. There may not be set in stone rules for what constitutes a festival, but SEMF definitely was not one. Read More

No. 5: The Return Of The Amazing Arizona Comic Con

The attention given to The Amazing Arizona Comic Con last year was nothing less than proof that while Phoenix ComicCon has had a corner on the market for over a decade, it is the subject matter more than anything else that draws thousands.

Special guests included Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead and many others. Read More

No. 4 “The Mosey Awards: Recognizing The Best Of The Phoenix Music Scene”

As the first and reigning music writer at Modern Times Magazine, Jeff Moses gets to float through the local universe of musicians and the music scene in the Phoenix Metro.

Its a good place to be — a cat-bird seat of sorts that allows him to hang out with some great people, hear some great music and go to some great places and get paid a little for it.

Friends ask him all the time where to go and what to do and who he thinks the best band is, or who is best live, or many more questions.

Hence, the “Mosey Awards.” Read More

No. 3 “The Expendables 3: A Cinematic Orgy Of Stars”

After Jeff Moses saw one of the first trailers for the The Expendables 3 film he was slightly excited about it.

Okay, he was as amped as a teenager getting to first base. Read More

No. 2 “Sex Trafficking Thrives In The Phoenix Metro”

Prostitution. Sex trafficking.


Most residents of the Phoenix metro assume things like human trafficking and prostitution exist somewhere in the region, but few people likely realize how prevalent these activities are and the complexity of the battle that law enforcement and community groups are waging against them; it is a task with sharper focus right now thanks to the upcoming Super Bowl in Glendale. Read More

No. 1 “July 4th Events In The Phoenix Metro”

Who knows why things happen.

Modern Times Magazine is known for writing, but it seems that for some reason — perhaps our wonderful readers — our July 4 events page reached nearly 100,000 Arizonans in three days. Talk about fireworks!

Regardless, its the top Arizona and overall story of the year.

Now, while an events article written six months ago might be considered old, it does have some nice history on the holiday including a note on the actual date the Founding Fathers thought would be remembered in perpetuity. You'll have to click to find out what the date is!  Read More
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