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Fiction And Satire

Prime Cuts 2014

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Complementing Our News And Features, The Modern Times Magazine Fiction and Satire Section Provides Comic Relief To The Real Stories That Aren’t Really So Funny But Are Best Tackled By Entertainment


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 9, 2015 — Unlike many other publications, Modern Times Magazine does its best to cultivate a strong catalogue of fiction, while also applying our more witty anecdotes to satire pieces. In the past, our stories have caused uproar and upheaval, and 2014’s crop was no different. We mixed biting political satire with pure fiction for enjoyment to create an eclectic bunch of stories to offer for our readers.

We are always on the look out for new and exciting writing talent and welcome anyone to share their short stories, poems, novels, or any other fiction with our editorial staff for review and possible publication.

No. 4 “Marvel Fiction Finalists Unleash Their Powers”

Modern Times Magazine teamed up with The Marvel Experience to give one lucky writer the chance to earn two free tickets to the world preview event by submitting an original piece of micro-fiction.

Entries were not to exceed 500 words, and feature a writer’s favorite Marvel superhero — or a new superhero they have created — saving the day in the Phoenix Metro.

The two finalists that our judges felt made the cut are, Utopia — Subdued, and Feathered Revenge. With characters like Captain Cactus and The Tranquilizer, many were both “pricked by them and also “entranced.”

Get it? Huh? Huh? Read More—>

No. 3 “Gay-Kiss Gate Rocks The Foundation Of ESPN Nation”

When Michael Sam and his boyfriend kissed during NFL draft coverage, hoimophobia hit water-cooler discussions.

What did we do? Satire, of course.

An unnamed staffer took on the persona of a representative of the Hometown Movement Promoting Healthy Old-time Boyhood Experiences, or HoMoPHOBE to rant against how disgusting it all was. Some got it, others didn’t.

But for lovers of satire, it was a triumph.

A sample: “Some sports are tailor-made for gays — like skating, tennis, competitive horse riding, and dog shows. Such sports are perfectly acceptable for the gays to participate in. We can even bend on the team sports aspect of it for certain sports such as synchronized swimming, team figure skating, and the WNBA.” Read More—>

No. 2 “Andrew Thomas Stands Up To Phoenix Gay Lobby”

Early on in his run for Governor, Andrew Thomas spoke of gays infiltrating state government with their agenda pushed by the “gay lobby” we again turned to satire and wrote a fictitious news article about how he spent some time at Charlie’s bar in Phoenix.

Another sample: “Now don’t get me wrong, I think homosexual Americans have at least as many rights as women or Mexicans. But someone has got to be able to reign them in when they are asking for all of the rights and privileges of godfearing, straight white men,” said Thomas. Read More—>

No. 1 “Summer Tales”

Spending time in Phoenix is a lot like visiting someone you love in hell: you’re always wondering when you’ll be able to get the hell out of there.

But others enjoy it. When we got two fiction submissions about Phoenix in the summer time, we decided to do a series on it. The result was some poetic prose that just might make you forget those times when it gets so hot, your sweat evaporates as soon as it leaves your pores.
Read More—>
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Marvel Fiction Finalists Unleash Their Powers

The Stories Are In And With Much Joy, Excitement, And Laughter, Modern Times Magazine Is Proud To Release The Two Finalists That Will Have The Chance To Win Two Free Passes To The Marvel Experience.

The Sun Also Sets: Or, Living In Phoenix In Summertime?

Feeling Cold? Check Out The Local Writer Takes Us On A Trip Through Some Of The Sights And Sounds Available In The Phoenix Metro When Its Hot — And What We Adore, Bemoan And Find Jocular — In A Partly Fictional Tale.